What is HTML web designing

What is HTML web designing

Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is the principal markup language for web pages. It is a way to describe the structure of text-based information in a document by denoting certain text as links, headings, paragraphs, lists, etc. HTML is written in the form of ‘tags’ that are surrounded by angle brackets. HTML enhances the appearance of a document, and can incorporate fixed scripting language code such as JavaScript that can affect the behavior of Web browsers and other HTML processors.

Though the HTML is not really a programming language like Java, Perl, C, or Basic yet it is prominent in web designing. It is considered as a way of describing of text and images that should be displayed to the viewer. It is to the concept of a newspaper editor's markup symbols. HTML is a way of describing what kind of data should display on the screen instead of appearing plain. This flexible characteristic makes it an efficient and most effective tool of web designing. 

Some of the prominent benefits of HTML are:

Web Site Availability: This is one of prominent benefits of HTML coding. Website accessibility validates HTML coding and helps in pinpointing areas of obstruction that could prevent search engine spiders or visitors from accessing websites.  When website runs through validate coding the pages render well. This will help to

  • Allow website to be accessible to the larger audience
  • Allow website to be accessed by wider range of devices such as handheld, screen readers, text browsers, search engines

Search Engine Friendly Pages:  Clean and simple HTML code enables search engines to go through web pages quicker and utterly. The is not a issue that the pages necessarily get skipped altogether but those keywords looks like a part of tag as a tag attribute in one sentence. The words in the keywords probably won’t be included in the search engine computation even if the page is indexed.

Faster Loading:  If the web pages contain html errors it will take longer time for the search engine to move through page. If web pages doesn’t load quickly visitor will move away to another site.

Fewer loads on Server: Clean and simple HTML code take less space on server as compared to site having complicated code or have tables. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) reduce the amount of code from web pages. In addition to this, clean coding cuts down the amount of web space and bandwidth on server.

Easier to update and maintain web site: Error free HTML code helps in faster and easier changes in web pages. For web developers error free HTML code saves time and money.

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