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Software testing is any activity aimed to calculate an attribute or capability of a program or system to determine whether or not it meets the required results. Software testing is an art that is based on understanding of the principles of software. The difficulty in software testing is branched out from the complexity of software. Testing is more than just repairing or debugging. The purpose of software testing is quality assurance, verification and validation or reliability of its function. Testing can be used as a standard metric so that its evaluation can be credible. Correctness testing and reliability testing are two major areas of testing. Software testing is a trade-off between budget, time and quality.

Software Testing is vital phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). The demand of perfect functional applications persuaded the developers to develop software that can meet 100% customer expectation. The developed products should be free from technical inconsistency that ensures lesser number of complaints, greater customer satisfaction and optimum retention rates

The Software Testing Division of Rose India utilizes complete range of sophisticated software attuned with testing methods so to meet the standard software quality. With this process our testing professionals provide quality solution to our customers. Software testing services of Rose India ensures that our clients software should is bug-free, stable and works flawlessly on a variety of PCs. The services provided by Rose India optimize the customer satisfaction by detecting and fixing all bugs and flaws at minimal costs.

Rose India Core areas of expertise:

  • Web Applications
  • B2B and B2C Portal Testing
  • Business Process Automation
  • Banking Applications
  • Profit Management
  • Project Management
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Expense Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Rose India Testing Services include:

•  Functional Testing

•  Non-Functional Testing

•  Performance Testing

•  Load Testing

•  Usability Testing

•  Interoperability Testing

Test Automation

•  Framework for Test Automation

•  Customized Test Scripts

Functional Testing: of software is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. Functional tests validate the specific functional requirements of the application. We use "Black Box" Approach to validate the functional requirements.

Our process for Functional Testing mandates the involvement of the test engineer through out the software life cycle. We

  • Analyze Customer requirements and conduct requirement walkthrough to the team to facilitate the team in understanding the functional requirements
  • Participate in design discussions and reviews
  • Design test scenarios based on functional requirements. We map all the scenarios to the requirements using the tractability matrix
  • Design test cases base on the designed scenarios
  • Execute these test cases during the system testing phase of the project
  • Manage all phases by monitoring relevant metrics

Software development today demands high perseverance levels that stress the development team. Test Automation reduces the human stress and at the same time it saves lot of time. With the use of Test Automation decreases human error along with it also saves time and money.

Test Automation:

Test Automation involves automating the manual testing process that includes:

•  Developing Detailed Test cases

•  Standalone test environment

•  Test case scripting

•  Test execution

Our Strategy:

Our automation involves developing

•  Test Framework

•  Test Suites

Test Framework:

Test framework is a test engine, which can be used across projects. It will perform all the required initializations like

  • Configuring the required browser, test machine etc
  • Initialize the database
  • Initialize the "Test Suite" with some startup configuration
  • Execute the "Test Suite"
  • Log test results in user friendly format
  • Send emails to all stakeholders

Test Suite:

A Test suite consists of a set of test cases. Each test case

•  Will test for positive and negative functionality

•  Verify with expected results

•  Log the test result

Our Approach to Product Functionality Testing depends on ‘Methodology of the project'

Water Fall Model

    • Test Planning
    • Test Design
    • Test Execution and Tracking
    • Defect Management

Scrum Methodology

    • Test Engineer - a part of the team
    • Constant Interaction with Customers and Team
    • Checklist Approach
Publishes the problem areas of the product

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