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Intranet Application Development

Intranet Application Development Services India

An intranet is a network of private computers linked together and using different web technologies to share the enterprise's information resources or operational systems with its workforce. Sometimes Intranet refers only to the organization's internal website but often it is a more extensive part of the organization's computer infrastructure and private websites are an important component and focal point of internal communication and collaboration. The Intranet service is considered as the most cost-effective and efficient way to distribute the right information to the right people at the right moment within the organization. The sharing of information becomes steady and employees can access relevant information to increase their work efficiency. Intranets are similar to Internet but its access to the facilities is restricted to one company or group. The technology used for Intranet is same as the Internet. Users can access web pages, send emails and transfer files. Intranet is a very useful way of sharing information amongst employees and has useful features like file management, announcements, meetings, room status and booking, operation forms etc. This helps work to be done in proper order and save wastage of resources.

Benefits of using Intranet Applications

Enhanced Workforce productivity:

Intranets help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. With the help of an Intranet users can access data from database of the organization. This availability of data anytime and from anywhere helps employee to enhance their performance ability. The selection of right information develops confidence in employee and helps them carry their jobs in accurate fashion. It also helps to improve the services provided to the users.

Time Management:

Intranets help organizations to provide more information to their employees. Employees can link to relevant information at a time that suits them. This not only saves their time but also enhances their productivity by getting right command from their source and their access to knowledge bank of organization.

Faster Communication:

An intranet is a powerful tool for carrying communication within an organization in both vertical and horizontal manner. Intranets are useful to communicate strategic initiatives that have a global reach throughout the organization. The type of information that can easily be conveyed is the purpose of the initiative and what the initiative is aiming to achieve, who is driving the initiative, results achieved to date, and who to speak to for more information.

Approach of Rose India to Intranet Application Development

The systematic approach of Rose India helps our clients to get the best out of their Intranet facilities and services. The experienced professionals at Rose India help our clients to exchange the information fast and accurately within their organization. At the same time Intranets enable cost-effective data backup, application management, deployment and upgradation.

Rose India also develops intranet applications that can the company website with the online world thus enabling easy data sharing with its employees. With years of experience in intranet solutions Rose India has developed the capability to deliver reliable and fully scalable intranet solutions to its clients worldwide. Another benefit of using our intranet application services is the resulting harmony between the employee needs and company objectives.

The intranet facilities and services of Rose India also includes:

  • Order tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Contacts database
  • User tracking
  • Graphical reports
  • User forums
  • Task lists & Work flow management
  • Inventory & warehousing
  • Internal email
  • Client records
  • Customized applications
  • Schedule and Meeting info
  • Memos

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