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Trading Portal Development in India

Online trading portal is a mechanism that provides both traders and brokers an access to range of financial news and information facilitating quick decision-making. There are various financial services that are provided by different companies. That's why choosing a reliable and appropriate online trading portal solutions provider is as important as choosing the appropriate online trading software for your trading platform. It also helps investors in getting ready updates on their stock investments, bonds and mutual funds so that they can know the changing trends of the stock market.

Rose India trading portals are so designed to provide in-depth knowledge of trading market, whether shares or commodities. The service developed by Rose India is updated on constant basis so that investors can get updated knowledge of share market. The professionals at Rose India develop the trading portal on the basis of our client's needs and services offering a completely integrated package that is cost effective and reliable. Our testing team routinely checks your trading portal for any bugs or errors that may have inadvertently crept in, resulting in zero downtime trading portals.

The Information Technology revolution digitalized the global trading market. And its impact can be seen on the share trading business. Our trading portal solutions eliminate the distance factor in trading allowing transactions from even remote locations. The latest updates provided by the trading portal helps holders to frame their strategies for their effective investments.

The trading portal keeps them to stay in touch with market and helps them carry their business on updated market trends. The ups and downs are the integral parts of this industry. This heightens the effectiveness of trading portal.

Front End Features of our Trading Portals

  • Multi-Language Support
  • New Trade Alerts Generation,
  • Product Catalogue Management,
  • Company Profiles Management,
  • Selling Leads Management,
  • Buying Leads Management,
  • Business Directory Management,
  • Forum Integration,
  • Image uploading for Product Catalogue and Sell offers,
  • Multilevel categories for convenient browsing
  • Category ordering can be defined by admin or set to alphabetic,
  • Buyer's Inquiry Management,
  • Manages Inbox/Outbox/Contact List/Block List for messages,
  • Different Membership Levels with Different Access Rights,
  • Access rights of each level are configurable from the admin panel
  • WYSIWYG editor for easy input of HTML formatted data,
  • Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, countries etc.
  • Inquiry basket,
  • Support for banner ads
  • Mass Mailer,
  • Other features like Email Verification, Feedback form, Password Retrieval.

Admin Panel Features

  • Extensive usage stats for admin to know how site is going,
  • Multilevel Categories management console allows to add / edit / remove/shift listings categories,
  • Category ordering for display on front end,
  • Configure Site parameters like Admin email, Records per page, Thumbnail width etc. from Admin Panel,
  • Switch On/Off email verification process for signup,
  • Automate the approval process for new signup,
  • Email Templates to manage/configure each and every automated outgoing email,
  • Switch On/Off Image Thumb nailing routines based on the availability of Image Magick on the server,
  • Admin can run periodically various Cleanup routines for the better management of disk space,
  • Configure access rights as well as fees for different membership levels,
  • Member management console allows to add / edit / search / delete members,
  • Listings management console helps to -

    search/edit/delete/approve product catalogue,

    search/edit/delete/approve company profiles,

    search/edit/delete/approve sell offers,

    search/edit/delete/approve buy offers,

  • Directory management console helps to add/edit/delete/approve directory links,
  • Forum management console helps to add/edit/delete/approve forum entries as well as forum categories,
  • Banner Ad management console helps to manage banners/affiliate ads,
  • Feedback management console helps to view/delete visitors' feedback,

So choose Rose India for delivering reliable, scalable and cost effective trading portal solutions.


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