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Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing is now being viewed as an industry by itself and not a just another activity of Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The idea here is for client law firms or organizations (usually in U.S. or Britain) to obtain legal support from service providers that are usually located in distant places like India. The tasks are performed efficiently and cost effectively.

Scope of work done by LPOs:

A wide range of activities is entrusted to LPOs:

Legal research forms the main stay of all the tasks expected of LPOs. They may have to research cases, which may give them a fair idea of what to expect in their current case. The availability of legal precedence is central to many cases. They can the use services of data providers like Lexisnexis and Westlaw.
  • Document review: The very first task before an attorney is to review documents to ascertain whether they are relevant to the case or issue in hand, how crucial they are to the case, and if they are to be kept confidential. The review requires scrutinizing very vast numbers of documents and that is why it becomes necessary to outsource.
  • Agreements and contracts between two parties, patent applications by companies (and some times individuals) and other documents are drafted by LPOs.
  • Service providers often undertake billing for legal work done by legal firms. Preparation of statements and invoices and assembling of papers for proper billing are delegated to service providers.
  • Maintenance of communication between the law firm and their clients is vital. Clerical work such as issuing letters, and updating clients about the progress of their litigation are often entrusted to service providers
  • LPO service provider does some works that are not necessarily to do with legal knowledge. Such works include making salary and benefits statements for the employees of the outsourcing legal firm.
Attributes essential in service providers:

While engaging a service provider, an outsourcing firm should look for certain factors that could contribute to make them a winning combination immensely.

  • It is advisable for the outsourcer to check if the potential service provider has shown commitment, efficiency, timeliness, and resourcefulness in the past. How can we know this? The easiest way would be to check with fellow outsourcers who have previously engaged the service provider. The service provider must provide the names of its previous clients.
  • In India, a vast number of English-speaking law graduates and legal experts are available. The service provider will have no problem recruiting from this vast pool. The outsourcer should engage a vendor company only if they are satisfied that its staff are well qualified.
  • Most of the outsourcing work emanates from the U.S and Britain. Therefore, it is very necessary that the legal team working for the service provider is knowledgeable about the laws and the judicial system in these countries. They should make conscious efforts to stay informed about changes in laws affected in those countries. This is a continuous process requiring periodical training and schooling.
  • On the technological front, the service provider should be able to make the best use of the latest e- discovery tools. Digital data can be located and scrutinized easily using electronic discovery techniques. Such data can serve as evidence in civil and criminal cases. Computer forensic or ?cyber forensic' is one form of e-discovery tool. The service provider should be able to use technology as an option to support their legal investigations and be in touch of improvements in the technological field.
  • The service provider should maintain a close association with the client law firm and be able put to use all the case related training.
  • As with all outsourcing, complete confidentiality of the data at its disposal is expected from the service provider.

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