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Business Process outsourcing (BPO)


Generally, we connect BPO with outsourcing. However, there is more to a BPO than mere outsourcing. It is an Information Technology Enabled Service. This makes it distinct from outsourcing. Here, either an old technology is used or a new one developed and applied as a means of improving the process. There is a constant effort to improve the process by newer and better means. As in the case of outsourcing, the service provider does the processing based on certain criteria that have to be defined in the contract between the outsourcer and the BPO. The BPO is a separate entity by itself and is not owned or managed by the outsourcer. The BPO is the vendor and the outsourcer is the client.

Reasons for Popularity  

BPOs are becoming more popular for many reasons: 

The BPO gives the outsourcer cost advantage. The outsourcer does not need to invest by way of labor, time or technology. Instead, by entrusting the responsibility to a BPO, the client company can reap the same benefits. The BPO will process the business in the manner that is most suitable to the strategic growth of the client. This leaves the client sufficient time to concentrate on core business. Thus, the BPO is the cheaper option. 

If the company had chosen not to outsource to a BPO then it would have to recruit more employees and spend more time for doing the work by itself. A large organization would be cumbersome and difficult to manage. The BPO allows the company the advantage of economies of scale. Another related advantage that an outsourcer enjoys is that risks involved are much lesser. The BPO is a separate entity and therefore untouched by the ups and down of business that its client is facing. The reverse is true for the client too. 

Competency and Efficiency are keys to the success of any organization seeking to maximizing profits. The BPO is a specialist in processing business, hence handing over your processes to the specialist ensures competency and efficiency. 

Services offered by BPOs  

Customer support service:  

A large number of BPOs operate as customer support services. Such services involve responding to telephone calls and emails on round the clock basis. The BPO employee has to reply to queries, allay concerns regarding a product or service, and receive orders for the same. The employee may have to verify accounts, make reservations or verify reservation status. 

T echnical Support service BPOs help their customers with computer hardware and software installation, their usage, and trouble shooting for any possible problems. These services are offered 24x7 and 365 days too. 

Telemarketing service centers are BPOs that target potential customers of products and services. They call potential customers and try to sell and promote their product like any sales person. Promotion of credit and debit cards are often done by BPOs

IT Help Desks help corporate employees with operational problems, productivity tools, connectivity and product usage.

Insurance Processing:

These BPO help their clients with regard to processing of insurance policy. They handle matters like issuance, verification, claims, payment, nominees, address verification, and notification of new policies via emails or telephone.

Data entry, processing and conversion services are offered by specialized BPOs for yellow pages, catalogues and electronic books. Conversion services enable data to be presented in different formats or media.

Other services:

BPOs are into accounting and ledger maintenance, processing of medical and insurance bills and online web research.

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