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How to Outsource Your Business Process Management (BPM)


Business process outsourcing market has witnessed exponential growth in the last decade, going by research figures- the market stood at $19 billion in 2004, and the projected worth for 2008 is at $146 billion. While many companies have been successful at outsourcing, outsourcing has presented several problems to many others.

Experts agree that businesses have to first perfect their business processes in house and be clear about desired outcomes before they venture to outsource. Here are five tips to successful Business Process Management.

Bring Order to Your Processes before Outsourcing

Outsourcing is often an effort to improve the company's processes. However rushing into a project without streamlining the internal processes is a sure way to failure. In other words, a company has to resort to outsourcing only when its own in-house execution processes cannot bring any further competitive advantage.

Identify the Processes to be Outsourced

Analyze and identify which of the processes are better off handled in house, and which can bring competitive advantage if outsourced. Often, the most well defined processes can be made more efficient only up to a certain extent. After this level, the results flatten out or begin to diminish. It is time to outsource them at this juncture. However make sure that you maintain control and also document the performance metrics of the outsourced process.

Choose Your Service Provider Carefully

Choose a vendor who uses the same Business Process Management platform as your company- this way you can avoid delay and minimize risk and costs related to transfer of responsibilities. This is because you can share the model and get going sooner. Also, this makes bringing back the work in house if circumstances demand it. It is also helpful to get a vendor who knows your industry well and has experience with the specific process you plan to outsource.

Maintain Control

You are outsourcing with the aim to leverage your business. Therefore ask of your vendor to define performance metrics. It is also important that you have visibility and control over the process. Having a common BPM platform helps to achieve this. Have a mutual agreement on indicators such as time, cost, escalation, quality and reporting.

Get Continual Monitoring from Your Vendor

The best of outsourcing vendor all over the world ensure continual monitoring of their clients' processes through a BPM platform. Request your vendor to be on continual watch for chances for improvements. Choose BPM platforms that allow changes to be built in easily.


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