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Symbian Application Development

Symbian Software Application Development Services

Symbian OS based phones are virtually everywhere as Symbian accounts for more than 40 percent of the mobile OS market share and are backed by the leading handset manufacturers like Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and others. No wonder then Symbian applications and services are in great demand worldwide and it makes sense to develop useful applications for the numerous Symbian users worldwide.

Rose India is a leading Symbian mobile application developer with proven expertise in a range of Symbian frameworks and technologies, like UIQ, FreeWay, ScreenPlay, SMP, Demand Paging and others. We can develop all types of Symbian OS softwares and applications including Symbian games, Symbian multimedia apps and much more. Our dedicated Symbian application developers have the requisite skills to deliver top-notch Symbian products and services, taking into consideration all your needs and your target audience.

Whether it is news based Symbian application development or entertainment applications, we have just the right solution for you. We have quickly adapted and mastered new Symbian technologies that hold high promise for future mobile development. Location Based Services (LBS) enable the use of GPS technology to quickly locate the desired service or destination and use real-time navigation assist. Another innovative Symbian technology is FreeWay, which enables high quality audio/video streaming, VoIP calls, WiMax and hi-speed 3G, which is reliable and can be easily integrated with the mobile web browsers.

Rose India developers and designers have also developed expertise over ScreenPlay, the new Symbian graphics architecture that is guaranteed to deliver crystal clear display with HD quality for next-generation games and animations. Using ScreenPlay, we can develop graphics rich Symbian games and other applications without compromising the battery life. Our experienced Symbian application developers can develop high quality games and multimedia applications using the SMP or Symmetric Multi-Processing technology that divides a particular task among different processors on the same chip, to finish it quickly. We have likewise developed expertise on the Demand Paging technology pioneered by Symbian to conserve and optimally utilise the mobile RAM.

Rose India offers the following Symbian Application Development Services:


  • UI players / editors
  • MP3 / WAV players / recorders

Security / Encryption

  • data transfer protection
  • software installation control


  • Client / server
  • multiplayer via Bluetooth


  • IM software
  • SMS / MMS applications
  • e-mail clients
  • Application Porting

You will also receive an added benefit from the increased Symbian presence on different mobiles as the Symbian mobile platform has gone open source under the guidance of the Symbian Foundation, a non-profit organisation seeking to push open source mobile applications to newer horizons. This will lower development costs and make available a vast array of new Symbian application development tools and resources that are bound to quicken the development pace, making it possible to readily deploy your customised Symbian software solutions to a vast market at relatively short notice.

With so many benefits of Symbian application development, it makes sense then to partner the leading application development source for all things Symbian.


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