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Mobile J2ME Application Development Services

Mobile J2ME Application Services from Rose India

The success of any new technology depends upon the effective adoption of their development tools. Good tools help new developers to easily get started and help experienced developers become more productive. The J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) technology is still comparatively new. The Strong development tools such as IDEs provides great help in J2ME's adoption among wireless application developers.

Sun's J2ME Wireless Tool Kit (J2MEWTK) contains a reference implementation of J2ME/MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile). It is a combination of multiple technologies and runs on Unix/Linux and Windows platforms. Another advantage of J2MEWTK is its performance profile tools and has real memory usage monitors. All those tools can be controlled from kToolBa that is a central control panel. With the proper use of kToolBar developers can build and package ready-to-deploy JAR/Jad programs from development directories.

 The revolution in global technology brings the reign of wireless expertise in the form of smart mobile devices. J2ME is a powerful new mobile application development technology and has emerged as the world's most popular mobile platform. It is easily accessible on GSM and CDMA handsets. It is supported by the major phone manufactures such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry and many more. J2ME supported wireless phones comprise over 80 percent of all handsets.

Rose India has years of experience in Mobile Application Development. We provide Mobile Application Development platform including Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development. We help clients to realize the benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform

The present day global businesses demand proper communication among the business members with their employees. Today information is considered as the real power and helps any organization to utilize global resources to their best needs. This heightens the use of connectivity and accessibility of people and organization.

Ubiquitous access to global community is only possible through the real-time use of Wireless/ Mobile Solutions. Rose India has developed expertise in Mobile Application Development that helped companies to improve workflow, customer order taking, and record keeping in the front office.

J2ME based Mobile Application Development Services offered by Rose India:

  • Programming services on Windows Mobile Pocket PC based Devices
  • Connected and Disconnected Mode Application
  • Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle
  • SQL Mobile & Oracle Lite Support
  • Integration with Enterprise Database using XML / Replication
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0 Development
  • Mobile enabled website development
  • J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones
  • Android - Google mobile-hosted solution
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development

Rose India J2ME Developers have following skills:

  • Record storage/distribution management
  • Mobile Media API (JSR-135) to control camera, microphone, network connection as well as other mobile phone multimedia components
  • Code Sign Certificates to prioritize application functions without giving rise to repetitive permission requests
  • Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120) to enable SMS communications
  • Push Registry to begin the operation on demand
  • HTTP Connections to facilitate phone-to-server communications
  • J2ME Web Services APIs
  • Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
  • PDA Profile for J2ME (JSR-75)

Rose India uses followings J2ME Mobile Application Development's Technology & Tools:

  • Technology: CLDC/CDC and MIDP Framework, J2MEPolish, Blackberry Framework
  • Tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Nokia Series 40, Series 60and Series 80 Emulators, Sony Ericssion Emulators, Blackberry IDE, Blackberry Device Emulato

Rose India ensures quality based services for Mobile Application Development Solution, Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android - Google mobile hosted solution, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development.


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