MySQL Monitoring

In this section you can learn how to monitor the MySQL Database. MySQL system store the all of the critical data and easy to maintenance in every cases.

MySQL Monitoring


In this section you can learn how to monitor the MySQL  Database. MySQL system store the all of the critical data and  easy to maintenance in every cases. It is very popular database and make quick easy to store or its access, and update Data. 

  1. MySQL sort key command :
    • MySQL Use \h for help.
    • \c command for clear
    • \r command for reconnect to the server and database or host .
    • \e command for edit and with $EDITOR
    • \q command for Exit 
    • \g command for send to mysql server 
    • \G command for send the mysql; and display the result vertically
    • \p command for print current command 
    • \q command quit mysql 
    • \# command for Rebuild completion hash
    • \s command for get status information from the server 
    • \u command for another database and take the database name as argument.
  2. Following are the main items you can use to monitor your system:-
    • The MySQL admin extended ,mysql absolute value 
    • The  MySQL admin extended -i10 - relative value 
    • The MySQL admin process list
    • The MySQL "e show inno database status"
    • The MySQL OS data ,vm state/iostat
    • The  MySQL error log 
    • The  MySQL table space info

The MySQL admin extended MySQL absolute value

  • slave_running: If the system is a slave replication server, this is an indication of the slave's health.
  • Threads_connected: Number of clients currently connected . 
  • Thread_running: If the database that overload then you will get an increased number of queries running. 

The MySQL admin extended (counters)
You store the performance counter value and compute the difference with the new values. Difference should be more then 10  seconds. 
The following values are good candidates for checking:-

  • Absorted_client: The number of client that were aborted.
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MySQL Monitoring

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February 16, 2013
JSP with Mysql

i want to create a simple login page for both admin and user and new user registration form also .. in that user register registration form will modify the table data (user register form) that retrieve data in admin side (for monitoring purpose) I want the coding with JSP and My sql please will u elaborate a detailed section about the connectivity also