Utility of Linux

Linux is a very useful Server as well as an individual Desktop Operating System.

Utility of Linux


Linux is a very useful Server as well as an individual Desktop Operating System, which can be determine by different measurement. Some of them are: 

  1.  Why we use Linux?
  2.  Where we use Linux?
  3.  Who uses Linux?

If you look for the first question , you can get the answer by comparing Linux Server with Windows NT/2000.

  •  Linux and Windows both have server configurations and are available in workstation. Windows have also desktop configuration.
  •  Linux is very cheap, most of the times, it is free open source software.
  •  Linux is available in both versions Graphics Desktop User Interfaces (GUI) and Command Line Interfaces (CLI).
  •  Linux can be run on various processor with great efficiency.
  •  Linux has a very wide range of  inclusive software.
  •  Linux is  far more capable, stable and secure than Windows95/98/Me.
  •  Both (CLI and GUI) have a strong presence on the Internet.
  •  Linux  is better then Windows in security purpose because it protects the system more proficiency from Virus, Worms, Trojans, Horses
     and  Bugs.

For getting the answer of the second question, we have to find out the place where it is being in use at present and what are the areas where it
may be used in future.

  •  Linux is used as a Server and Desktop Operating System.
  •  It is also used in Programming and Software Development.
  •  It is used in Internet, Intranet as well as Individual system.
  •  Linux  is being used for getting more security.
  •  The uses of Linux is emerging in various sorts of  business due to its less cost.
  •  Linux is adopting for making Heavy duty computational power.
  •  Linux is being in use in Embedded operating system.
  •  For making wireless gateways embedded Linux is being used.

Now, we have to look for its users, who are getting nice experience with this operating system whether in server or in individual operating system. Some of them are:

  •  Government and Army are adopting  it frequently due to it's high security properties.
  •  Banking and Financial sectors are adopting Linux Server Operating System with great pleasure because of it's low cost efficiency.
  •  It is being popular among Retailers and E-Commerce sectors.
  •  Many schools in U.S.A and European countries are applying this software for school management and tutorial purpose.
  •  Hollywood is utilizing it for getting special effect. e.g. 'Titanic' . Now most of the production houses like Walt Disney,  Rhythm & Hues etc.  
     are adopting it with great pleasure for making animation movies like 'Sindbad' created by Dream Works. 
  •  The engineers of Biotechnology sectors are utilizing it in their Biomedical research laboratories for getting significant processing power.
  •  Some mega Multinational Companies like Sony, Google, IBM, Boeing, Merrill Lynch, People Soft, Byte, Cisco, Credit Suisse etc. are now
     adopting it frequently. 

So, now you can see the vast utilization of Linux, it is giving the neck to neck competition to Windows.