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Downloading and installing JUnit 4.3.1 s


In this section, downloading JUnit 4.3.1 address and installation steps have been given. You can download this in your system and test your program whether it is functioning well or not.

Downloading :
You can download JUnit 4.3.1 from http://www.junit.org/index.htm in the zipped format.

Installation :
    Below are the installation steps for installing JUnit:

  1. Unzip the JUnit4.3.1.zip file.
  2. Add junit-4.3.1.jar to the CLASSPATH. or we can create a bat file "setup.bat" in which we can write "set CLASSPATH=.;%CLASSPATH%;junit-4.3.1.jar;". So whenever we need to use JUnit in our project then we can run this setup.bat file to set the classpath.





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