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JSP Open File

JSP Open File is used to create a file and write a text into the file.

JSP Open File


JSP Open File is used to create a file and write a text into the file.

Understand with Example

 The Tutorial illustrate an example from JSP Open File. To understand the example we create openFile.jsp that include a page import directive "" package. The package  provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system. For this, we have create a file 'Hello.txt' in the C:drive. The  class FileOutputStream opens an output stream in order to write the specified text of line using the class PrintStream. In case the exception occurred , the catch block handle the exception and print the 'Unable to write to file'.

Here is the code of openFile.jsp

<%@ page import="*"%>
FileOutputStream out; 
out = new FileOutputStream("C://Hello.txt");
new PrintStream(out).println ("All glitters are not gold");
catch (IOException e){
out.println ("Unable to write to file");

When you run the above jsp code, the line of text, you have specified, will be written into the file Hello.txt.

Download Source Code:


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