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JSP Meta refresh


In this section, you will learn how to use a META tag in the jsp. The META tag with an HTTP-EQUIV attribute controls the action of browsers, by setting the HTTP headers. In the given example that we have used "Refresh" value in order to specify a delay in seconds. This will automatically reloads the browser. The attribute CONTENT="3" of the META tag refreshes the browser after every 3 seconds. The Scriptlet include a session .getValue("count") returns the value of the count. After every 3 second the value of the counter is incremented by 1. In case there is no count associated with  the session, the jsp starts a new count using session.putValue ("count", newInteger(i). toString ( )) method.



Here is the code of metaRefresh.jsp

int i=0;
String s = (String) session.getValue("count");
if (s!=null) { 
i = Integer.parseInt(s);
out.println("<h2>Counter is: "+i+"<h2>" );
session.putValue("count",new Integer(i).toString());

Output will be displayed as:

After 3 seconds the browser will get automatically refresh and increments the counter value:

Download Source Code:


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