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Create a greeting in jsp


This is sample jsp code that creates a sample Birthday Greeting in jsp. In the code given below we have used an image with some text message. To show image we have used a html tag <img src="" alt="">. Here 'alt' attribute is used to set the text message which is shown if image can not be shown for any reason.







    <TITLE>Creating a Greeting</TITLE>
  <BODY bgcolor="#F8E0F7">
    <H1><Font color="#088A08">B'Dy Greeting only 4 u.....</Font></H1>
	 <img src="funny.gif" alt="Big Boat">
	 <b>created by: </b>
	        //Display the greeting

Save this code as a .jsp file named "greeting_jsp.jsp" in your application directory ('user' in our example) in tomcat and run this jsp page with url http://localhost:8080/user/greeting_jsp.jsp in address bar of the browser.

Download Source Code


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