JBoss Tutorials: Learn JBoss Step by Step

JBoss is an open source application server based on java technology, which is used in Java Edition Enterprise server. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of Jboss, its feature and its implementation.

JBoss Tutorials: Learn JBoss Step by Step

JBoss or JavaBeans Open Source Software is a Java based Enterprise edition application server, which was formerly known as WildFly.

Written in Java , JBoss supports cross platform compatibility and can be deployed for any operating system that supports Java.

First developed by JBoss , presently it is a division of Red Hat. JBoss is open source software licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License and is available for free.

Through the implementation of JBoss Eclipse IDE, it becomes quite easy to develop a J2EE application.

JBoss has been developed with an ability to run on numerous operating systems including many POSIX platforms such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and others, as long as a suitable JVM is present.


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