Java Methods

The JavaScript type of operator returns the datatype of an operand.

Java Methods


  1. JavaScript type of Operator
    The JavaScript type of operator returns the datatype of an operand. You can see in the given example that we have used different variables to show the use of type of Operator.
  2. In Java, java.lang.reflect.*; package is required to import in the program to invoke the methods. As you can see here we are using reflect method, this could be either a class method or instance method and the usage of methods in Java is to access a single method either on class or interface.
  3. Generics Method in Java
    After going through the example, you will be able to declare and use generic methods in Java programming language. As you already know, generic method use parameter type declaration and that can be done using the <> syntax. 
  4. JAVA Method Wait
    The Wait method in Java hold the thread to release the lock till the thread hold the object. The most important point is to be remember that wait method is used inside the synchronized code.
  5. Java Method Return Value
    The return statement is used to return the value within the body of method. The method declared void does not return any value. In case you try to get the return value from void .the code show you a compiler error. 
  6. Java Method Synchronized
    The Java language Program supports multi threads. The synchronized is a keyword used in Java ensures that only one Java thread execute an object's synchronized method at a time.
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Java Methods

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June 29, 2011

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