Java Vs Script

The Java and Java Script are completely different from each other although posses same name but don't have any common properties.



Java Vs Script


The Java  and Java Script are completely different from each other although posses same name but don't have any common properties. Both the language different in creating an application that they run. Java is a complex object oriented based language that is used to create  standalone application. Java Scripts does not allow the programmer to create standalone application that run by themselves and are not embedded into any other language. JavaScript is simple, similar to HTML language, therefore it is easily embedded into HTML Scripting language is very easy to learn.

The Similarity between Java and Scripting language is that they are both object-oriented language. Using Object -Oriented language we can change the properties and method of the object.

Let Us Understand Java  and Script language in more detail


Java is completely object-oriented based language designed for a programmer to create an application that can be downloaded from any network and can be run independently on any application. The built in securities features of java provides you all software component required to run all the java application on almost all types of computers. The language is similar to C++, but the syntax is simple and easy to understand. The Java have a Java Virtual Machine(JVM) that allows java to run on any platform of the computer. The function of JVM is to carry out the message from the computer and translates those message for java and vice-versa. Java Virtual Machine is unique in itself such that it is compared to the structure of Esperanto. The SunMicrosystem introduced java in 1990 as an application to create household application. Further, it is expanded to internet, intranet and other application. In late 1991,this programming language climbed at the peak level than any other language.

In Term of security Java is a very securable language, this is one of the popular  feature of java. Security in Java is inherent. The language is very securable in  such a way that if a different programmer is not able to create applet that can  go to user computer and can hack his username and password. The sandbox model of java allow it to stay within its boundaries in order to prevent from hacking. All this feature of java make it 1000 times better and securable than Microsoft' safety device. If there is an advantage ,then there is disadvantage, Java is slower than C++ programming language. So while its safety seems to ensure a temporary dominance on the internet 

Java are of two form

1)Applet-  These are the small bits of java code embedded in a HTML used for viewing in web pages.

2)Application-These are the standalone program that run and support on browser like Hot Java Browser.

Script Language

 Usually the contents appears on the WebPages are ScriptsObject.The Syntax of Scripting language is very similar to that of HTML,that make it simple and easy to work on it. The language is sequentially parsed ,Each time computer read the language in sequence and performing the step in the order in which scripting language is done. The Scripting language links the object and its property. For example, you want to change the font size of your document, you would need to work with font size property of the document object. Use this language you can place the code within the anchor tags and any complex code can execute within specified tags. Some scripting  languages are Javascripts,is an object-oriented language. Object can  works as method act on it. For Example, Let call  an object maruti a type of class car object, suppose we call a method run which describe the efficiency and speed of maruti. To perform your maruti object to perform certain action like run , you write can change the property of the object with the method acting. Now you want to make your object call price method, then you write maruti.price.To work on both property and method, you write or object.proprty.method.Scripts are easy and simple to write with the concept of object ,property and method that modify them. Function are long complicated ,string of scripts that can be compiled within the operator like if /else operator 

From  security point of view with JavaScripts,are curious to produce a protected password or sending encrypted text in decoded form and from user's computer. In term of true security SSL,TLS(HTTP) and made entire check on the server's.-side. This scripts has its own security model, the security feature in java scripts does not  protect the  owner or the data passed between the browser and the server. The security model is made to protect the user from malicious Web sites, and as a result, it impose and enforce a restrict limits on what the page author is allowed to do. They can have control over their own page inside the browser, but that is where their abilities end.

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Java Vs Script

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