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Convert array to Vector


In this section we will learn how to convert an array to vector. Actually array is used is used to store similar data types but Vector is used to store object data type and object can be of String or of any class. In the code given below first we will declare an object array, then create a list for that defined object array. List is a subclass of collection so that we will use list to create vector.






import java.util.*;
public class ConvertArrayToVector {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // declare and initialize array of object of given class.
        Object[] arrObject = {"Mahendra", new Date(), "Girish"};
        //create list for this object array.
        List list = Arrays.asList(arrObject);
        // create vector for given list.
        Vector vector = new Vector(list);
        // access the elements of the vector.
        Enumeration enume = vector.elements();
        while (enume.hasMoreElements()) {

Output :

Mon Sep 01 17:13:57 GMT+05:30 2008

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