Hibernate Interview Questions

Hibernate is popular and most used ORM framework in Java. In this section we are giving you the important interview questions of the Hibernate framework.



Hibernate is most popular ORM framework and it is used the development enterprise application. There are many projects in the world which is being developed using the Hibernate framework. The demand for the develops knowing the Hibernate framework is high is market. If you are looking for new opportunities and you should be well prepared for the Hibernate relations might be asked in the Interview.

Here in this section we have compiled the most asked questions of the Hibernate framework in the interviews. There interview questions list will help you in refreshing you knowledge of Hibernate framework. You will find these questions and answers helpful in cracking your interview.

I will be adding more questions of the Hibernate framework in future, so, book mark this pages and visit in future also to see the new questions.

Here are the important questions of the Hibernate Framework that might be asked in the Interviews:

  1. What is Hibernate Framework?