Hibernate 4.3 ORM Features

The Hibernate 4.3 ORM contains many new exciting features and it is compliant to the Java Enterprise Edition 7 (JEE 7). The Hibernate 4.3 ORM provide supports for Stored procedures.

Hibernate 4.3 ORM Features - Learn the new features of Hibernate 4.3 ORM which is fully compliant to JPA 2.1 specification

In this section we will learn about the new features of Hibernate 4.3 ORM framework. The Hibernate 4.3 is released with many new exciting features for development of enterprise applications with ease. The Hibernate 4.3 ORM is developed to support the JPA 2.1 specification and it can be used in JEE7 based application as persistence provider.

The Hibernate 4.3 ORM focuses on the JPA 2.1 and it implements the new features of JPA 2.1.

Here are the features of Hibernate 4.3 ORM:

  • Support for Stored Procedure: This version of Hibernate provides support for stored procedure
  • The CriteriaUpdate and CriteriaDelete can be used to run UPDATE and DELETE queries in type-safe Criteria form
  • The Entity listeners now takes the full advantage of dependency injection through CDI.
  • AttributeConverters are supported in this version of Hibernate
  • The Entity Graph support is also provided in this version of Hibernate
  • The support for Standardized schema generation as per the JPA 2.1 specification is added in Hibernate 4.3 ORM
  • The SynchronizationType can be used for the Synchronization of persistence.
  • @ConstructorResult support  added

Other notable features of Hibernate 4.3.x ORM are:

  • Continued developed towards support for OSGi environments.
  • More work done for the support of new bytecode enhancement within Hibernate
  • Initial break down of the monolithic DocBook-based manuals

Following video tutorial explains you the features of Hibernate 4.3.x.

There are many example of Hibernate 4.3 on website. Feel free to browser the Hibernate 4.3 tutorials and learn through example codes given here.

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