Hibernate ORM 4.2.21 Tutorial - Learn Hibernate ORM Framework

Hibernate ORM 4.2.21.Final is released on 2015.10.23 and in this section we are teaching you the Hibernate tutorials for year 2015-2016 as this version will be used most for application programming.

Hibernate ORM 4.2.21 Tutorial - Learn Hibernate ORM Framework.

Learn Hibernate programming in 2015 with this tutorial which is created using the latest version of Hibernate, Hibernate ORM 4.2.21.Final. This release of Hibernate can be used with the Spring, Struts and other frameworks for writing the enterprise grade applications.

Hibernate framework can be downloaded in the zip format and it is also available as Maven dependency for maven based project. These days most of the project is using Maven for dependency management and building the application.

Maven provides enterprise grade support for application dependency management and project building. It is will used in the Java based projects and in the tutorials described here we are mostly using the Maven build tool.

Hibernate ORM 4.2.21 comes with bug fixes and it advisable to use the use the latest version of Hibernate ORM in your project.

Tutorials of Hibernate ORM 4.2.21: