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void Java Keyword

The void is a keyword defined in the java programming language

void Java Keyword


The void is a keyword defined in the java programming language. Keywords are basically reserved words which have specific meaning relevant to a compiler in java programming language likewise the void keyword indicates the following :

-- The void keyword in java programming language represents a null type.
The void keyword in java programming language is often used as the return type of a called method to indicate that this called method is not going to return any value to the calling method.

Example to use the void keyword in a class:

public class Cla


public void doit();








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virendra kumar
September 9, 2011
Question in java language

why we use void before main.
January 9, 2012

lalit karakoti
July 17, 2012

sir i don't understand the functioning of void can u explain me....please .....if void is return type then what value it is return to us
November 6, 2013
about java

why we need do java programming language ??
Deepak Kumar
November 6, 2013
Need of Java programming Language

Hi, You can use Java programming technology to develop several types of applications. You can develop following types of applications in Java: a) Mobile b) Desktop c) Batch processing program d) Web applications Thanks