DOJO Tutorial

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Dojo Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn about the dojo and its directory structure. The main purpose of this tutorial, when a new user learn to dojo then you need to know about the what is dojo and its directory structure.

Dojo: Dojo is an Open Source JavaScript toolkit libraries that provides a simple APIs (Application Programming Interface) for building the serious applications in less time. The main functionality of Dojo  to make HTTP requests and receive their responses. It also provides packages to string manipulation, DOM manipulation, drag-and-drop support and DS (Data Structures) such as lists, queues and stacks. Dojo applications are used where the JavaScript and browsers don't work far enough, in which place the dojo application gives you powerful, portable, lightweight and tested tools for creating a dynamic interfaces.

Dojo Directory Structure

Whenever you use Dojo then you follow the following directory structure and set up the files of the specified location.