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SCJP Module-11 Question-1
FileOutputStream("serializable.ser"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fs); os.writeObject(f); os.close(); } catch (Exception ex 


SCJP Module-11 Question-3
FileOutputStream("file.ser"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fs 

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SCJP Module-11 Question-2
Exception { Middle b = new Middle(); ObjectOutputStream save = new ObjectOutputStream 


SCJP Module-11 Question-8
for successful serialization ? (A) ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream 


SCJP Module-11 Question-9
FileOutputStream("savedata.ser"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream 

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(); FileOutputStream fos = null; ObjectOutputStream out = null; try { fos = new FileOutputStream(filename); out = new ObjectOutputStream.../java 

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ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(f)) // Serialize an Object import java.io.... to a file ObjectOutput objout = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream...() ; objout = new ObjectOutputStream(baos) ; objout.writeObject(str 


SCJP Module-11 Question-10
("savedata.ser"); 8    ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fos); 9    os.writeObject(ts); 10    

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"); ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(fos); System.out.println 

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(); FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("currency.txt"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fos); System.out.println("Generated Currencies 

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java code  design classes for currency,rupee,dollar.write a program that randomly generates rupee and dollar objects and write them into a file using..."); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fos); System.out.println("Generated Currencies 

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= jf2.showSaveDialog(null); ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(allinone)); DataOutputStream dos = new 

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{ ObjectOutputStream output = null; try{ output = new ObjectOutputStream... with the html file. Java Applet Demo Thanks 

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Java prob  Hello please help me with the following program.So... ObjectOutputStream o; public void openFile()throws Exception { ObjectOutputStream o=new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("sheet11.ser")); } public void addInfo 

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read form input stream.  ObjectOutputStream This class... This interface can be used for reading byte stream and reconstructing the java... for writing the byte stream and converting data from the java primitive data