Traversing a file and directory under a directory

This java tutorial will help you to traverse the file and directory under a directory.

Traversing  files and directories


This section you will learn how the files and subdirectories are traversed lying under a directory. We can find that, how many files and directories are available within a directory. This is very frequently used where lot of work depends on the files and directories. .

The given program describes how you can traverse a directory if it contains directory and files under it. If the directory contains no files and directory then it will tell you that the directory contains no directory and files in it, if it contains a directory and files in it then it will display all the files and directories.
To implement this program, first make a class named as TraversingFileAndDirectories then make an object of File class and pass any directory and filename to its constructor. After that, check it whether the file or directory you have entered is a directory or a file. If it is a directory then it will display that it is a directory otherwise not a directory. If it is a directory, it checks whether it contains more directory and files in it. If it contains then it will display you the list of the files and directories.

Code of the program is given below


public class TraversingFileAndDirectories{
public static void main(String args[]){
String dirname = args[0];
File file = new File(dirname)
System.out.println("Directory is  " + dirname);
String str[] = file.list();
forint i = 0; i<str.length; i++){
File f=new File(dirname + " / " + str[i]);
System.out.println(str[i" is a directory");
System.out.println(str[i" is a file");
System.out.println(dirname  + " is not a directory");



Output of the program 

C:\java>java TraversingFileAndDirectories chandan
Directory is chandan is a file
constructingfilenamepath.shtml is a file is a file
entervaluesfromkeyboard.shtml is a file is a file
factorial.shtml is a file is a file
useofthisoperator.shtml is a file

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Traversing a file and directory under a directory

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March 13, 2014

this code to provide the arrayindexoutofbount=0 error how solve this error during run time