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C Structure example

Structures in C defines the group of contiguous (adjacent) fields, such as records or control blocks.

C Structure example


This section illustrates you the concept of structure in C.

Structures in C defines the group of contiguous (adjacent) fields, such as records or control blocks. A structure is a collection of variables grouped together under a single name. It provides an elegant and powerful way for keeping related data together. 

Structure Declaration:   

struct struct-name{
type field-name; 
type field-name; 
... };

Once the structure is defined, you can declare a structure variable by preceding the variable name by the structure type name. In the given example, a small structure i.e struct is created student and declared three instances of it as shown below.

struct student{
int id;
char *name;
float percentage;

In structures, we have assigned the values to the instances i.e, id, name, percentage in the following way:

student2.name = "Angelina";
student3.percentage = 90.5;

Here is the code:


#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

struct student {
  int id;
  char *name;
  float percentage;
student1, student2, student3;
int main() {
  struct student st;
  student2.name = "Angelina";
  student3.percentage = 90.5;
  printf(" Id is: %d \n", student1.id);
  printf(" Name is: %s \n", student2.name);
  printf(" Percentage is: %f \n", student3.percentage);
  return 0;

Output will be displayed as:


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Posted on: February 6, 2009

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June 3, 2011
Isn't it Strange?

#include<stdio.h> struct student{ int a; char b[45]; }; void main() { struct student student1; printf("Size of struct: %d" ,sizeof(student1)); } The output in c99 :Size of struct :52 Why is that ?
June 9, 2011

Sheer stupidity. #include <conio.h> and getch(); It proves you know nothing but Windows.
August 23, 2011
digital process control2

your examples are understoodable easy
August 30, 2011
C Structures

struct student st; what is the use of the above statement in the code
Kapil Shishodia
September 10, 2011

good example ............. i want more example based on strecture.
manish kumar
September 13, 2011
c programming

structure and union........../ pointer in c
October 3, 2011
c Structure example

I cannot run the example, because the compilers does not know #include <conio.h> What can I do? thx
October 6, 2011

I want to how to pass structure variable to function in simple way.
mukul kshatriya
October 19, 2011
queriy related typedef stuct.

can u tell me how to create a typedef of a employee of a company having a attribute Name,Emp_ID,Dept Name,Designation.. same as for student of a collage with the attributes Name,Rollno,Section,Branch,Total amrks,Result.. do reply as soon as it is possible..
mohamed rizwan
December 15, 2011

Its nice to see many tags for structure i hope this tags may use us in coding our new idea
madhusudan balai
December 21, 2011
Stack by pointer

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int MAX; int count = 0; struct node { struct node *next; int value; }; void push (struct node ** headref,int k) { if( count < MAX ) { struct node *newnode; newnode = malloc(sizeof(struct node)); newnode->value = k; newnode->next = *headref; *headref = newnode; count++; } else { printf(" Stack is Full "); } } void pop(struct node * headref) { int m; if (headref == NULL) { printf(" STACK IS EMPTY "); exit(0); } else { m = headref->value; printf(" POP OUT VALUE %d" ,m); } } int main() { struct node *head = NULL; int val, choice, i,j = 1; printf(" enter the MAXIMUM size for stack\n "); scanf(" %d " ,&MAX); while(j) { printf(" ENTER THE CASE NUMBER WHICH U WANT TO CHOOSE \n\t 1.FOR PUSH \n\t2.FOR POP\n "); scanf(" %d ",&choice); switch(choice) { case 1: printf("enter the value to be pushed "); scanf("%d",&val); push(&head,val); break; case 2: pop(head); head = head->next; break; default: printf(" invalid option\n "); } printf(" enter the one for continue\n "); scanf("%d",&j); } return 0; }
January 21, 2012
learn c structure

i become perfert in to the structure in c
January 25, 2012

Amit Godsay
February 3, 2012
data structure

why linked list is useful than array and send the program of linked list
jafar sadiq e
February 12, 2012
a doubt

struct student st; in this, what "st" stands for..????
February 16, 2012
Thanks a lot :D

Thanks man! that was simple and very helpful.
February 29, 2012

fill detail about c..
benjamin ansong
May 11, 2012
c program

how to use functions in c structures.
May 15, 2012
doubt in structures in c

how can i access structure elemnts with out using dot and arrow aoperators
Mohammed Imtiyaz M
June 5, 2012

struct student st; Can any one please explain above statement in detail.
Rahul kumar
June 28, 2012
Thanks for providing help about structure in C

Dear . I am very happy to get knowledge about this structure in C. Thanks.
sweta agrawal
July 10, 2012
ask question

please quickly give the answer of the ques.
March 9, 2013
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how to solve in oops consept problems
July 17, 2012

good explanation
July 21, 2012
information of c language

studying c language
August 1, 2012

very nice
September 18, 2012
help to understand plz

struct stud { int roll ; char name[10]; struct stud *next; } what that line means 'struct stud *next'
October 3, 2012

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October 19, 2012
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what is the use of getch in c
November 11, 2012
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this is good
November 22, 2012
NO So Bad

Good Attempts
rahul sharma
November 24, 2012
structure in c

when some one ask for the simplest example of ...kindly do'nt use the pointer .... difne the sturct example ..in a very simple way so that begners cn understand it easily .............
rinku sehrawat
April 18, 2013

w.a.p for structure record of a student
April 21, 2013
structure in c