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This article is disusing about Blogger. You will be able to learn about the blogging.

Blogging is very important in increasing the traffic on your website.

What is a blog?
So you people want to know about blogs, right? Hmm ??? well, a blog is a website in which you will find lot of stuff posted by people from all over the world on regular basis. ?Stuff? means food, politics, local news, books, movies, music, travel, games, restaurants, poetry, health etc ; hmmm ?? it includes everything you can think of. There are blogs on virtually any topic that are updated pretty regularly from music, to spirituality, to traveling, to recipes, to personal diaries, to hobbies etc. Blogging has as many applications and varieties as you can imagine. These blog communities have emerged to form relations among people where they can share ideas, make friends etc. Sounds good hnn ?.

There are different kinds of blogs as discussed earlier. These blogs differ in the way content is delivered.
Most of the blogs use comments. Due to comments a blog becomes conversational. Usually you will find a botton to click on at the bottom of each post to revert to any comment or to give your feedback. Before posting any comment it will ask you to fill up a little form containing name, email and a link to your own blog if you have one.