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Characteristics of simple Web 2.0 Website


Characteristics of simple Web 2.0 Website

This page discusses - Characteristics of simple Web 2.0 Website

This page discusses - Characteristics of simple Web 2.0 Website

Characteristics of simple Web 2.0 Website


Before making any Web 2.0 site, the programmers must keep in mind the following things, which suits the Web 2.0 technology and the site runs smoothly on the web.

Design Concern

The design of the site is the fundamental thing. The web designers should have to design a very simple, sober and noise-free site that have less contents, more images and large fonts. The alignment of the content should be in the center of the page.


Usually in Web 2.0, navigation exists in the horizontal side and it is in large clear fonts.


The background varies in colors depending upon the nature of the site. It can be either to be gradient colors or diagonal line pattern.

Reflection of the Image

The containing image in the website should make of the image that put dogmatic impact on the visitors. The attached image should be in the rounded corners in the contents boxes or in buttons. It is appropriate to use the thumbnail image as users can see the larger size of the image. So, the developer should use the Light box to show the large version of an image.

Ajax and RSS

Ajax is the part of Web 2.0 and without it Web 2.0 technology is incomplete. It makes the techniques more usable, attractive and fast. On the other hand, RSS has been used for syndicating the content, which easily feed the content to the visitors. The developers must use the RSS feed icon on the optimum position so that visitors can reach there easily.


Social bookmarking is the new trend for sharing the contents. It not only enhances the reach of the content to far and wide surfers but also it attracts the traffic towards the site. There are some major popular social bookmarking sites that are being used for bookmarking on the larger scale such as digg, delicious, furl and reddit. Use the icons in your site to make your visitors bookmark your site.

Users Contribution

The users contribution is the main key characteristics of Web 2.0, so always try to lead the users' contribution through several means like adding comment section, wiki section and content sharing and submitting section.

Audio, Video and Multimedia material

Advance audio, video and multimedia material is the backbone of the any Web 2.0 based sites, it fills fuels on the site and the traffic of the site has been increased. The multimedia content must also be wikies as any user can watch it, save it, share it and can also submit it's own creation on the site.

Moreover, above characteristics, some other things are also important like the font size must be larger and clear, bright and strong color should be used in the site design, etc.