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VoIP Resellers

The VoIP Reseller Opportunity Industry pundits say no one is making money in VoIP. People who make predictions like this are so out of touch with reality they are probably on their way to Neverland with the kids for vacation.

VoIP Resellers


  1. The VoIP Reseller Opportunity
    Industry pundits say no one is making money in VoIP. People who make predictions like this are so out of touch with reality they are probably on their way to Neverland with the kids for vacation. I keynoted at an ABP user conference and had a "distinguished" speaker from MCI say in front of an audience of resellers that no one is making money in VoIP except for conference organizers. So there you have it. People are buying VoIP products like never before. Logic tells us that resellers are needed for many of these installs. With growth numbers like this, who isn't making money in VoIP and more importantly who has their head in the sand.
  2. VoIP Resellers
    The VoIP Reseller Channel on TMCnet features the latest news, articles and case studies on VoIP resellers, products and trends. VoIP is a process of sending voice telephone signals over the Internet or other data network. If the telephone signal is in analog form (voice or fax, the signal is first converted to a digital form. Packet routing information is then added to the digital voice signal so it can be routed through the Internet or data network .Catalyst Systems Corporation today announced that Stephen J. King has been named CEO. King's background and experience in leading companies to accelerated growth signals Catalyst Systems' intent to capitalize on increased industry interest in software build and release management.
  3. VoIP Resellers Program
    The VoIP Reseller Program from MovingMinutes takes advantage of Kayote Networks A-Z termination and the most innovative VoIP softswitch on the market, VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM). Setup and manage any multi-level hierarchy of call shops-under your own brand name-without the need to support your own network or invest in costly infrastructure. Kayote Networks handles all the common VoIP problems with the most cutting-edge VoIP technologies on the market-interconnectivity, interoperability, and security-allowing you to focus on your critical mission: growing your business and generating more revenue.
  4. VoIP Phone Resellers
    With the recent explosion of Internet Telephony and Voice over IP technology, there is no better time than the present to ride the wave and become a wIPphone distributor. Considering that every person or business with an Internet connection anywhere in the world is a potential customer, and that the market is virtually untouched, this is one of the most exciting business opportunities to come along in years. In our effort to become the leading Internet telephone service provider, we are offering three very lucrative distributorship opportunities, as well as affiliate programs, tailored to companies and individuals with very different backgrounds and goals.
  5. A Envox looking for VoIP Resellers
    Voice vendor Envox is looking for VARs who can offer more geographical focus and vertical expertise. Envox has targeted growth in the voice over IP (VoIP) and replacement of legacy interactive systems, and now needs the right spread of channel partners to achieve its financial goals. The vendor has claimed its products are open and standards-based, allowing channel partners to create tailored voice offerings, including IP-based interactive voice response (IVR) and enhanced self-service, as well as those using web standards such as VoiceXML. The firm hopes its recruitment programme will drive sales of recent offerings such as Envox 6, Envox 6 VoiceXML Studio, Envox CT Connect, and Envox CT ADE, all of which aim to reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying voice solutions into new markets. 
  6. Voxilla as First VoIP Reseller
    Voxilla, the world's leading source of news, technical information and gear for the Voice over IP revolution, has become the first VoIP-specific retailer to become certified by Polycom, a manufacturer of world-class telecommunications and video gear based in Pleasanton, CA. The certification means that Voxilla brings a level of technical expertise and marketing know-how while providing Polycom confidence in Voxilla's ability to support the brand. "Polycom is pleased and excited to have Voxilla joining our team of certified resellers, especially in view of the excellent services and added value they bring to serving the marketplace," said Janeill Besecker, Audio Channel Manager for the Northwest & Canada at Polycom, Inc. "We expect Voxilla will bring the highest level of technical expertise and marketing strength to putting Polycom products into the market, and we're confident they can offer the kind of excellent support we depend on," Besecker continued.
  7. VoIP Resellers Straight out of the Box
    Internet Telephony can offer an exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity. However, a signficant investment is required to launch a calling service. DUAL Talk Resale is a solution that lets you offer a calling service branded in your own company name, but using our servers and gateways across London to host your calling service and associated applications. By using DUAL Talk Resale to start your business, you avoid the heavy investments required to purchase billing systems, gatekeepers and gateways and hosting them in a diverse and secure environment. As a DUAL Talk Resale customer, you will be given your own online control panel from which you can create separate accounts for your customers; set your customers' spending limits; set special calling rates for some or all of your customers; set your customers' local currency and even set their time zone. You will even receive daily email reports summarising your customers' activity.
  8. VoIP Reseller TalkFree
    VoIP TalkFree?s mission is to extend robust affordable telephony through advanced technology to the underserved populations of developing countries. When TalkFree assumed the lead in bringing advanced telephony to these countries, the company understood it had also assumed the role of a responsible partner to its local in-country distributors, and to the end users of their services. Reseller TalkFree brings two features other telecom service providers do not. First, it extends to the end user exceptionally affordable, cutting-edge phone-to-phone, fax-to-phone, PC-to-phone and PC-to-mobile telephony via the internet, thus ensuring worldwide connectivity. Secondly, because of its voice coding technology and advanced GIPS voice engine, TalkFree delivers vibrancy and clarity uncommon even in most technologically advanced countries. 
  9. Information of VoIP Resellers
    When Stefanie Bruemmer, the IT director for Queens Long Island Medical Group (QLIMG) in suburban New York, decided it was time to replace the legacy Avaya PBX system with new technology, she was looking to cut costs and minimize the capital outlay for replacement hardware. I was looking to reduce monthly expenses," Bruemmer explains. "Originally, we weren't considering a VoIP solution." However, after reviewing proposals for replacement equipment, Bruemmer realized a Level 3 Communications solution would save significant financial outlays, reduce monthly communications expenses and provide a variety of scaleable and flexible features for the 21-facility, physician-owned medical group.



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