PC To Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP Directory (Page 4)

Babble is a SIP-based internet telephony service through which you can make calls to other Babblers for free.

PC To Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP Directory (Page 4)

Babble is a SIP-based internet telephony service through which you can make calls to other Babblers for free. Using the Babble software (freely available - go to our Downloads page) you can also send and receive instant messages. Free voicemail is included for when you are not available or not online. 

Woize? is digital communication made simple. With Woize?, you can call other Woize? users for free from your computer, PDA or Smartphone. In addition, Woize? provides you with a free phone number that can be called from anywhere in the world and that you can use for calling ordinary phones at incredibly low rates.

3WTel SuperiorVoIP does NOT support Emergency Calls.
Product Features 
Excellent audio quality 
Unlimited PC to PC calling 
Two lines, with line Hold 
Call any phone in the world - 3.9 to U.S.A. 
3-way conferencing 
Personal and corporate firewall support 
See when friends are online 
Works with Cable and DSL modems 
Even works over 28.8 modem! 

PCCall is a PC to Phone service, designed to save you money by communicating over the Internet. Anyone with a basic computer and Internet connection can call virtually any regular telephone in the world! PCCall can save you up to 98% on long distance costs!
PCCall uses cutting edge, voice over IP technology to carry your call over the Internet to our IP-voice processing gateways which routes your call to its final destination with amazing clarity and reliability. PCCall strives to give you the best quality, reliability, and customer support in the industry. Just read what our customers have said about us in our testimonials section.

Now that Dialpad technology is part of Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, the word is spreading fast. You can use your PC to talk longer (and save more) while making and receiving calls from regular phones. Plus enjoy free PC-to-PC calling and share instant messages, photos, music, and more. 

NetTelePhone supports all most popular SIP devices on the market, both gateways and Internet Phones If you already have a SIP device, please contact us for information on how to configure our service to your device.
NetTelePhone offers full refund policy, if you are not able to use our calling accounts, with your SIP device.

Mywebcalls can now offer services using the latest IP devices, such as the Cisco ATA. These low cost devices connect directly to your existing internet connection and remove the need to make calls using your PC. They are ideal for call shops, internet cafes, business use or even home use. Customer can also benefit from free calls using these devices!

PC to Phone calls to over 200 countries. Some of the lowest rates and highest internet telephony quality on the planet!

Our new PC to Phone calling option will give you the lowest rates anywhere. Use our most advanced PC Dialer to make highest quality PC to Phone calls from any country in the world. You can use our PC to Phone dialer from any internet connection, Dial-up or Broadband. You can also use your Cisco ATA or other compatible device. 

The PC-Telephone gateway pctt.net is connected to the Internet via 100 Mbps fast Ethernet. We do not route your PC-to-phone/fax calls to other VoIP gateways over Internet. Your calls are routed over the public telephone networks ISDN/PSTN to the end telephone/fax device worldwide.PC-Telephone web-to-phone-calls,web-to-fax-calls,fax-to-pc-calls,fax-pc-software

Freshtel provides a way for you to make and receive phone calls using your Internet connection.
Freshtel has created Firefly; a free to download software application which allows you to make and receive phone calls from your computer. Firefly registered users can call other Firefly users for FREE which will help cut down your phone bill.

TerraCall X-Lite is our FREE premium SIP softphone for Broadband environments. Designed for easy install-and-go, it's preconfigured for our customers. If you have Broadband internet connection, you can use X-Lite for both our Free SIP-to-SIP service and SIP-to-Phone service (purchase of an iCard required for SIP-to-Phone).

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PC To Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP Directory (Page 4)

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