Free PC to PC VoIP Providers

Babble is a SIP-based internet telephony service through which you can make calls to other Babblers for free.

Free PC to PC VoIP Providers

Babble is a SIP-based internet telephony service through which you can make calls to other Babblers for free. Using the Babble software (freely available - go to our Downloads page) you can also send and receive instant messages. Free voicemail is included for when you are not available or not online. 
By topping up or subscribing, you can make calls to ordinary telephones as well as sending SMS messages to any SMS-capable mobile handset in the world. You do not have to use the free software - being SIP-based, Babble works with any SIP-compliant software package such as X-Lite or SJPhone. You can also use your username with hardware devices including phones and Analogue Telephone Adapters from the likes of Cisco, Linksys, Grandstream, SNOM and Zyxel. 

iConnectHere, deltathree's retail division, offers great savings on internet phone services such as Broadband Phone, PC to Phone and Virtual Calling Cards to businesses and consumers worldwide. 
Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they are really excellent quality. If you and your friends, family or business contacts are using webcams, you can also make free video calls. You can even call landlines and mobile phones at really cheap per minute rates (and there?s no setup or subscription fee).

Turn your computer into a phone and use the Internet to make free calls. Talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. All you need is a multimedia-enabled computer and an Internet connection. Download GloPhone Blue and you'll be able to make calls to and receive calls from any other GloPhone anywhere in the world for free. Additionally, you can upgrade to one of our Premium plans and use your GloPhone to call any phone anywhere in the world. Features include caller ID, conference calling, a buddy list, and the GloCall Directory. For traveling, Glo2Go lets you use your GloPhone from any computer.

BuddyTalk is Internet voice-communication software that offers four ways of communicating with anyone in the world. It features include the ability to multiparty conference where up to 10 BuddyTalk users can talk simultaneously; low-cost PC-to-phone calling to any phone in more than 200 countries; free, integrated instant messaging with other BuddyTalk users; and free PC-to-PC calling to other BuddyTalk users anywhere in the world.
SJphoneŽ is a VOIP softphone that allows you to speak with any other softphone, any stand-alone IP-phone, or using ITSP with any traditional wired or mobile phone. It supports both SIP and H.323 standards and is fully inter-operable with most major VOIP vendors and ITSP. For SJphone Profiles concept explanation please go to our support page.

3WTel SuperiorVoIP does NOT support Emergency Calls.
Free PC to PC
Unlimited PC to PC Calls
Call from your PC to any other PC connected to the 3WTel Network for FREE.

Low Cost Landline Calls
Call over 200 destinations
Call from your PC to any Landline or Cell phone at great low rates.

7 Day Free Trial
Try it for FREE
Download 3WTel Softphone now for a Free 7 Day Trial and call other 3WTel users.

Woize? is digital communication made simple. With Woize?, you can call other Woize? users for free from your computer, PDA or Smartphone. In addition, Woize? provides you with a free phone number that can be called from anywhere in the world and that you can use for calling ordinary phones at incredibly low rates. MSN Messenger
The future of Messenger is here
With the new Windows Live Messenger, everything you love about MSN Messenger just got better. Try it for yourself--just click here to get started.
Video Conversation
The next best thing to being there. Hear the laughter and see the smiles with a Messenger Video Conversation.*
PC-to-PC Calling
Stop typing and start talking. Talk to friends and family right from your PC.

SIPphone is a SIP service. We combine all the elements necessary to provide a simple, super-inexpensive and high quality experience.

We work with the hardware manufacturers, the various service providers and even government agencies to make sure you have a positive experience. When you open your SIP adapter box, you can start making and receiving free calls.

Use ICQ Phone to make domestic and international phone calls and enjoy extremely low rates! Pc-to-phone calls from your computer to any telephone or cell phone in the world!

BeyondPhone is a technology that allows you to place low cost phone calls from your computer to any telephone(Pc to Phone) in the world.
With BeyondPhone you will get ...

* Low calling rates. You can save on every call you make. Our rates are as low as 2 ˘/minute for calling in US and 3.5 ˘/minute to call UK.

* High call clarity ... that is best of voice over internet.

* Call any country in the world from anywhere.
*No connection fee, no contracts and easy to start with. Download our dialer, register yourself for free and then add money into your account by making payment through your pay pal account or via wire transfer.

High quality free Internet BlasterPhone 
Free BlasterPhone automatically comes with our PC to Phone service. All BlasterPhone users can make and receive calls between each other using any SIP IP Phones or our Software / Desktop Dialer. This service is free of communication charges for all of our users! 

PC to Phone 
Web Dialer ? Make phone calls directly from our website, no downloads needed. That?s perfect solution when using a PC away from home. 
Software/Desktop Dialer ? Download our free dialer and make calls from your own PC. 
Device to Phone ? Cisco ATA, etc. No need to make calls using your PC; ideal solution for Call shops, Internet cafes, Office or Home use. 

Callback - Send an SMS (text) message from your mobile phone to our server containing the number you wish to call and the number you wish to be called back on. Our server will then make 2 calls - one back to the caller, the other to the called party and the two calls are joined together, allowing both parties to talk! 

Use PC-Telephone to make unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls over Internet. Enter in the Phonebar the IP address or name of your contact party's PC and press the Dial button while you are online. 

Our FREE TerraCall X-lite, is a premium SIP softphone with many PBX-like features for Broadband environments. This award winning, pre-configured software download is windows based (Win98/2000/NT/XP/Mac) and designed for an easy install-and-go, just for our customers! Just download, install, enjoy our SIP-to-SIP service or purchase a TerraCall online account and begin making calls to landline and cell phones Worldwide.

This version of softphone is also enhanced to traverse firewalls with Xten's NAT Traversal tunneling technology. It will give you the ability to call through your firewall without requiring configuration changes that may compromise your network/router environment. In addition, all of our MS Windows based Softphones include the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard (USB) support.

MyWebCalls is a PC to Phone service created and run by a leading UK telecoms company. MyWebCalls is dedicated to providing high quality internet phone calls for very low prices. We use the very latest technology in our web dialler and utilise our parent company's high quality voice network to ensure our customers get the best service available.

Our call prices are cheaper than our competitors and we charge per second, meaning you pay for the exact length of your call, nothing more! We don't round up calls to the nearest minute, like many of our competitors. Sign up today to get the most of cheap phone calls abroad!

Firefly Mobile is a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and a regional office in Northern California. Firefly Mobile designs, develops and sells the Firefly phone, accessories and airtime services. The Firefly phone was designed from the ground up to address the needs of pre-teenage kids and their parents.

Firefly Mobile exists because a guy named Don Deubler noticed kids and parents had a need for something specific that didn't exist yet. So he created it and made it fun. Here's how it happened in a nut shell:

Make simple Internet phone calls. This program allows multiple concurrent calls and works well with NAT routers. The source is included. The new version allows you to choose the audio device, and a new codec has been added. 
CNET Networks is not responsible for the content of this Publisher's Description. We encourage you to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws.

ohphoneX is an H.323-compatible video conferencing client for Max OS X.
ohphoneX allows you to video conference with many other popular H.323 clients such as Microsoft NetMeeting and GnomeMeeting. The current version of ohphoneX is 0.4.2. Although this is not yet a 1.xx release, ohphoneX is very stable, has good interoperability with other H.323 clients and provides many additional features such as AddressBook integration and Apple Bonjour support.

NetMeeting delivers a complete Internet conferencing solution for all Windows users with multi-point data conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, and file transfer, as well as point-to-point audio and video.

The SIP Softphone for your communication needs!

QOS / STUN / ICE /  TURN 6 LInes + Confering Security (TLS & SRTP) Zero - Touch Config Do Not Distrub Address Book Record And -Answer Record and much, much more!

Service Providers& Insfrastructure Manufactures:
Provide Your customers the most reliable softphone on the market, either co-branded or private labeled.

Free and unlimited calls to any other Stanaphone subscriber, anywhere in the world.
Optional Services
Stana-IN service
Get a local telephone number and receive unlimited incoming calls. Incoming calls are free.
Stana-OUT service
Use your internet connection to make cheap calls to anywhere in the world.
Advanced features 
StanaPhone offers all the latest features at no extra charge, including voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. 

Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME. Ekiga uses both the H.323 and SIP protocols. It supports many audio and video codecs, and is interoperable with other SIP compliant software and also with Microsoft NetMeeting. 

NETeasyPhone lets you make Unlimited FREE Digital Quality Calls to other users from your PC, AND low-cost international calls to landlines & mobiles.
FREE Calls for Life between NETeasyPhone Users 
Savings of up to 95% on international calls to landlines and mobiles 
Easy to use Software 
Free Online Technical Support 
Talk whilst surfing the Internet 
No Hidden Charges 

Vbuzzer is free instant messaging and internet telephony software that allows you to exchange emails, text messages, and phone calls.

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Free PC to PC VoIP Providers

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