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In this section we will learn XML with the help of tutorials and example code.


XML Tutorials and examples

In this section we will learn XML with the help of tutorials and example code. If you are a beginner in XML then learn it step-by-step following through all the tutorials given here.

About XML

The XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language, which is used to distribute the data over the web. It is develop to share the information between different applications, platforms and different business applications. It can be used to share the information between two companies with the help programs to process these data.

The uses of XML is unlimited and it being used on the web to share data between different applications. One popular example is the RSS feed, which is used these days to share latest news, articles, blog post etc. on the web.

XML is easy to learn technology. You can create xml file using a text editor. There are many commercial and free tools available these days to help you writing XML files.

Learning XML

Learning XML is now very easy, with the help our tutorials mentioned below. We are giving XML tutorials and example codes for free. Our tutorials will help you learning technical skills fast and easily. Let's start learning XML using following tutorials:

  1. What is XML?
  2. Why XML?
  3. Uses of XML
  4. Hello World XML
  5. Introduction to XML Document
  6. Comparing XML with HTML
  7. What is XHTML?
  8. Introduction to DTD's
  9. Creating a DTD's
    • The Document Element
    • Other Elements
    • Choice of Elements
    • Empty Elements
    • Mixed Content
    • Location of Modifier
    • Using Parentheses for Complex Declarations
    • Declaring Attributes
  10. Validating XML document with a DTD
  11. XML Schema
    • The Purpose of XML Schema
    • The Power of XML Schema
    • A First Look
      1. A Simple XML Schema
    • Validating an XML Instance Document
  12. Simple Types elements
  13. XSLT Introductions
    1. eXtensible Stylesheet Language
    2. An XSLT Stylesheet
      1. xsl:template
      2. xsl:value-of
      3. Whitespace and xsl:text
    3. Output Types
      1. Text
      2. XML
      3. HTML
    4. Elements and Attributes
      1. xsl:element
      2. xsl:attribute
      3. Attributes and Curly Brackets
  14. Processing XML with Java
  15. Examples


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