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PHP Basics, PHP Basics tutorials for beginners

PHP Basics tutorials for the beginners. Learn PHP Basics from start and master it in very less time. Almost all the topics necessary to master the PHP programming language is covered here.

PHP Basics - Basics Tutorials for the beginners

Introduction to PHP Programming Language

In this modern age of computer science, Internet plays a vital role in our day to day life. Many programming languages are used to develop the websites, PHP is one of them. The PHP Programming Language has so many advantages over other technology e.g. it is free, open source, easy to learn etc. In our PHP tutorial we have tried & continuously trying to provide the best and easiest way to teach PHP scripting language.

In our Online Free PHP tutorial we have covered the following topics:

  1. What is PHP: In this topic you will know What is PHP? History of PHP language, Usage, Different features of PHP, Data types supported by the PHP, required software to run PHP, other OOPs feature which are included in PHP 5.0 
  2. Why PHP: In this topic we have covered the basic features of PHP, like: PHP is open source a little description about open source, PHP is cross platform, It is compatible with many web servers, It supports many data servers, PHP has useful text processing features etc.
  3. How to Download and Installing PHP: This PHP tutorial will help or guide you to download and install PHP step by step. It has all necessary figures which will help you to install PHP.
  4. Running & Testing WAMP server: With the help of this tutorial you can able to run your WAMP server and you can enable some new features of this server. It has also included a small PHP program.
  5. Hello World: Almost every book, tutorial presents Hello World as the first program. We are not exceptional. Try this nitty-gritty program and you can surely run it in seconds. It also includes explanation of the program, it describes the echo and print language construct.
  6. Introduction to PHP array: This tutorial gives you an overview of array, about key value pair, about map. It is also include a small program and description of the program.

Let's get started PHP Programming:


What is PHP ?
What is PHP, a tutorial which gives you a small introduction to PHP language.
Why PHP ?
Why PHP, this tutorial discuss about why should we use PHP? Learn the Basic features of PHP scripting language.
Downloading & Installing Wamp server
Downloading & Installing Wamp server - In this tutorial we include every single step you need to download and install wamp server, it also include a small program to check whether the server is running or not.
HelloWorld in PHP
Hello World in PHP tutorial has a program which includes all the little necessary things,it includes small description about echo, print etc.
Introduction to PHP Array
Introduction to PHP Array, this tutorial covers up the introduction with a simple example on array, the explanation of the program will help you to understand the concept of PHP program in a better way.
Running & Testing on WAMP server
Running & Testing on WAMP server: This tutorial provides a simple and effective way to use wamp server, you will also learn how to run a program, how to enable few features and so on.
How to Append Arrays in PHP
How to Append Arrays PHP: This tutorial is discussed about different techniques to merge two or more than two arrays in PHP e.g. array_merge(), + operator etc. With the help of several examples you can understand the basic functionality of array_merge() function. This tutorial has small description of print_r().
How to Add Array Item in PHP
How to Add Array Item PHP: In this PHP tutorial you will come to know about several techniques to add item into an array. The given PHP example illustrates several techniques. You will also know the format of array_push() function.
PHP Addition of Array
PHP Addition of Array, in this tutorial you will come to know about how to add two arrays, about foreach loop in short, differences between addition and merging of arrays
PHP Array Prepend
PHP Array Prepend: In this tutorial you will come to know about how to prepend or add elements at the beginning of an array, in addition this tutorial has many examples of PHP array prepend technique.
Array Add Key Value PHP
PHP Array Add Key Value: In this PHP tutorial we will get know about different ways to access key and value. Different examples will let you know about the index and values.keep studying..
PHP Associative Array
PHP Associative Array: This tutorial is about associative array, which is included in php. The Associative Array is quite different than numerically indexed arrays, this kind of arrays could have string or numeric keys. In this tutorial you also come to know about each() function, and list() function. This tutorial has variety of examples.
What is Sorting in PHP
What is Sorting: This PHP tutorial we discussed about the sorting methods, differences between sorting methods of PHP and other languages like 'C', has an example of selection sort using 'C'-language.
PHP Array Sorting
PHP Array Sorting: This PHP tutorial helps you to sort elements of an array by several functions like sort(), asort(), ksort(), rsort() etc. With the help of several examples you will come to know more about sorting in PHP.
PHP Key Sorting
PHP Key Sorting: In PHP you can sort the values of an array as well as keys, this tutorial is all about how to sort the keys of an array.
PHP Value Sorting
PHP Value Sorting: This tutorial has covered many functions which are used to sort the values of an array, many examples are included to show how one function is different from another.
PHP MultiArray Sorting
PHP MultiArray Sorting: This tutorial has covered the sorting process of multi-dimensional array, have a look on the examples of multi array sorting
PHP Array Random Sorting
PHP Array Random Sorting, PHP provides a special function shuffle, which can be use to shuffle the elements of an array.
PHP Array Reverse Sorting
PHP Array Reverse Sorting: This tutorial is covered rsort(), arsort(), and krsort()functions which are used to sort a the values of an array in reverse order.
PHP Array Push
PHP Array Push: This tutorial covers one of the important feature of PHP array section, how to push a value in an array in PHP? PHP has array_push() function to add elements at the end of an array.This tutorial has several examples on array_push() function.
PHP Array Push Key Value
PHP Array Push Key Value: This tutorial illustrates the concept of array_push(), it also includes what can not be associated with value of an array after applying array_push() function, this tutorial also discussed about the associative array in brief.
PHP Array Pop
PHP Array Pop - This tutorial covers up an essential function of PHP called array_pop(), array_pop() function is used to pop the last value of an array. Several examples of array_pop() illustrates the use of pop function of PHP.
PHP Array Push Array
PHP Array Push Array: This tutorial exemplifies the array_push() function. In this page we have discussed about array push array i.e. whenever we push an array into another array then the first array becomes multidimensional array.
PHP Push MultiDimensional Array
PHP Push MultiDimensional Array: In this tutorial you learn how to push one multi-dimensional array into another, there are various examples are available which will exemplify.
PHP Array to String Conversion
PHP Array to String Conversion: In this PHP tutorial you will learn how to convert an array to string. PHP provides implode() function which helps us to convert array to string. The join() function is an alias of implode() function. Examples will illustrates these functions.
PHP Implode() function
PHP Implode function: In this tutorial you will get to know about implode() function, which is used to convert array to string, in detail. It has general format, parameters, and the value it returns of this function. Examples of implode() function exemplifies this function.
PHP String to Array
PHP String to Array: In this tutorial you will come to know about conversion of string to an array using explode() function. It includes general format,parameters we have to pass and the value it returns. Return value could be different which is based on its third parameter. Several examples will help you to understand the complexity of the third parameter of explode() function.
PHP Array Count
PHP Array Count: In this tutorial you will come to know about counting the number of elements of an array, it describes the count() and sizeof() functions, examples will illustrate these functions,
PHP Array Count Values
PHP Array Count Values: This tutorial will let you know how to count the number of values of an array, PHP provides array_count_values() function to count the number of values. Given examples will illustrate this function
PHP Remove Duplicate Values
PHP Remove Duplicate Values: In this tutorial you will come to know about how to remove the duplicate values, PHP provides array_unique() function, in this tutorial you will come to know about its general format, parameters, return value. The example will exemplify the function of this function
PHP Array Sizeof
PHP Array Sizeof: This tutorial will help you to learn sizeof() function, which is similar to count() function, it returns the number of elements present in an array. The examples of this tutorial will help you to understand this function in better way.
PHP Array Count Occurences
PHP Array Count Occurrences: In this tutorial we will come to know about how search a string or any value within an array. This tutorial covers up array_search() function with its general format, parameters, return types etc. In addition it has several examples to make it easy to understand.
PHP Array Merge
PHP Array Merge: This PHP tutorial helps you to learn how to merge more than one array in PHP. it includes general format or signature, the value it returns etc. Examples will illustrate this function.
PHP Array Merge Recursive
PHP Array Merge Recursive: In this tutorial we will learn PHP array_merge_recursive() function. Difference between PHP array_merge() and array_merge_recursive() is that if two or more than two elements have the same key then instead of override, it makes an array of that key.
PHP Array Search
PHP Array Search: In this tutorial you will come to know about the array_search(),In PHP, array_search() function performs a search for a value in an array, in this tutorial we will have several examples which would exemplify this concept.
PHP Array Search Key
PHP Array Search Key: In this tutorial you will come to know that how to search a key of an array. array_key_exists() function helps us to search keys and returns a Boolean value. It does not work fine with multi-dimensional array, examples will illustrates these points.
PHP Array Replace
PHP Array Replace: In this tutorial you will learn how to replace values of one array with another. PHP provides array_replace() function to replace the values. array_replace() replaces the value of the first array with the same value of the given array or list of arrays.
PHP Array Replace Recursive
PHP Array Replace Recursive: In this tutorial you will come to know about replacing the values of an array recursively. PHP provides array_replace_recursive() to replace the values of first array with the following array, general description on this function is given in the tutorial which is easy to understand. Several examples are present in this tutorial.
PHP Array Sub String Search
PHP Array Sub String Search: In this tutorial you will learn how to search a sub string in an array. PHP provides in_array() function to search a sub string.
PHP Array Unique
PHP Array Unique:In this tutorial you will get to know about the array_unique() function. which eliminates the duplicate values. This tutorial has several examples, in which few of them are similar but has very minor but important differences.
PHP Array Unique Key
PHP Array Unique Key: Sometimes we need to extract the keys (uniquely) from an array. PHP provides array_keys() function to find out the same. This tutorial has several examples on associative array, numeric array, and multi-dimensional array and their respective output.


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