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Fleet truck tracking

As the fleet business involving trucks is growing fast, fleet truck tracking has become all the more important for fleet owners.

As the fleet business involving trucks is growing fast, fleet truck tracking has become all the more important for fleet owners. Truck is the most used vehicle to carry goods and items to far off places and most of the time they travel in a group also called as fleet.

Tracking truck involves the use of tracking technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). In recent times most of the truck come preinstalled with such tracking devices, however one can also attach these tracking devices from outside. Market is filled with tracking devices and one must choose wisely according to need. These devices are categorized into two types:

Active devices are those who not only record all the information of vehicle like speed of vehicle, fuel usage of vehicle and all other details but also send them to the system with which it is attached. As truck travel to far off places and it becomes impossible to keep an eye on them these devices come very handy to manager and owner, as they can look the exact position and movement of truck by the use of some sophisticated softwares. These devices send information in real time. These are mostly used in tracking of the trucks.

Passive device though record all the information related to vehicle, but one can also see these information once the truck come back from the fieldwork so it becomes impossible for the manager and owner to know the real time information. These are rarely used in tracking of trucks.

Mostly truck travel in-group and carry goods to far off places. In recent times theft and illegal use of trucks have increased and owners have become more dependent on tracking technologies to avoid them. Truck driver in conscience know that they are been watched so it becomes impossible to do any thing illegal. Tracking helps manger to monitor the behavior of driver and alerts whenever there is a change.

Fleet truck tracking devices also come handy in saving the drivers from accident as they travel through difficult places and sometime in night it is very important that they travel safely. It is insured by the use of tracking technology.



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