Fleet management vehicle tracking

Fleet management, vehicle tracking are the only way to take your fleet business to top level.

Fleet management, vehicle tracking are the only way to take your fleet business to top level. Fleet business involves a group of vehicles like ambulance, truck, cars, ships, etc that are either used to carry goods and items or are used to take passengers. All these need to be managed and coordinated in order to gain back maximum of the investment they have laid.

To manage a fleet, a fleet owner needs a good manager who knows how to coordinate with the drivers and other team, has knowledge of the software and devices that are used during the tracking and other purposes and also who knows about the vehicle as it is his responsibility to increase the working life of vehicles.

For perfect fleet management a manager must always know where every vehicle or his fleet is at all times. He must maintain proper coordination to summon them in case of emergency or to keep a watch so that nothing goes wrong during the fieldwork. He must also at all time keep details of every activity that goes down, like the task that he assigns to drivers, the task that have been completed, the task that are pending, the goods and items that are loaded in a vehicle, number of every vehicle and details of driver as well.

All these can only be achieved only if he takes the help of softwares and tracking technology, so he must have a pretty good knowledge of them as well.

Vehicle tracking forms an important form of fleet management and also helps in maintaining the security of the vehicle. Fleet vehicles are tracked by tracking technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System). They use radio signals that are emitted by satellite and are received by GPS receiver that come preinstalled in such vehicles (however if the vehicles does not have one it can also be attached from outside). They also record speed of vehicle, break patterns, fuel usage of vehicle and all other details related the vehicle during the field work. Owner and manager can see these informations in real time in their systems using some softwares that receive the data sent by GPS device of the vehicle and displays them.

So fleet management, vehicle tracking must be used simultaneously by the manager of the fleet in order to make a steady growth and to make his work easy.