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PHP SQL close connection

PHP SQL close connection is used to close a connection between the PHP and SQL.

PHP SQL close connection


PHP SQL close connection is used to close a connection between the PHP and SQL.

Understand with Example

The Tutorial illustrate an example from 'PHP SQL close Connection'. To understand and grasp the example we include a server side scripting code that include the usename, password, host and database to connect with the database in the backend. Once the connection is built successfully between the PHP and SQL. You can retrieve the records from SQL and send it to browser as output. The connection is closed automatically  when the scripts end. To close connection we use mysql_close ( ) function. 





$host = "localhost";
$user = "root";
$password = "root";
$database = "komal";
$connection = mysql_connect($host,$user,$password) 
	or die("Could not connect: ".mysql_error());
	or die("Error in selecting the database:".mysql_error());
$sql="Select * from stu";
	or exit("Sql Error".mysql_error());
echo "<table width =\"20%\" bgcolor=\"#F5F5FF\">";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td ><b>Id</b></td> <td><b>Name</b></td>";
echo "</tr>";
	echo "<tr><td>".$id."</td>";
	echo "<td>".$name."</td>";
}	s
echo "</table>";
echo "<br><b>Connection closed</b>";



Id Name

Connection closed


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