In this section you will find many tutorials, articles and information related to the management. These articles and informational topics will help you in learning the Business Management concepts.

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Tutorial What is Actionable Analytics?
In this article we discuss about what is actionable analytics and why this actionable analytics so important now. View Rating

Tutorial Engineering Subjects for Placement
Engineering Subjects for Placement View Rating

Tutorial Porter FiveForces Analysis
Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979 provided five force model for industry analysis and business strategy development, which defines the competitive intensity of the market. Porter identified five forces that determines the strategic business of an organization and helps in ensuring constant and risk-adjusted growth of an organization by evaluating and analyzing these forces strategically. View Rating

Tutorial Excel Password Cracker Software
Excel Password Cracker Software View Rating

Tutorial What is the responsibility of project manager in software company
What is the responsibility of project manager in software company View Rating

Tutorial scope of strategic management
scope of strategic management View Rating

Tutorial Features of Strategic Management
Features of Strategic Management View Rating

Tutorial what is business policy & strategic management
what is business policy & strategic management View Rating

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