Top 10 CRM Software for Small Business

The Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is playing important role in purpose category across the business establishments, small or big. The CRM software is typically for high quality of client response, designed to meet the unique needs of a small business. Let us have a look at our picks of top 10 CRM software for small business.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a too important purposive category across the business establishments, small or big. Though business biggies always make dedicated CRM team and corresponding software maneuvers to ensure highest productivity and business output, small businesses only for few years are increasingly focusing on making use of CRM software to augment the quality of client response and corresponding business outcomes. There are now a wide range of CRM software for small business and though some of them charge almost a premium comparative to their versions for big establishments, some are exceptionally good at an affordable price tag while even some solutions are offered absolutely free of cost. Let us have a look at our picks of top 10 CRM software for small business.

  1. Salesforce
  2. Salesforce is just not a typical industry focused CRM tool for any business segments, small or large, it is the most versatile CRM solution to date that equally made a reputation to serve global giants or small and medium enterprises with equal effectiveness and focus. From contact, lead, real time customer management to robust sales and marketing automation to campaigns, it proved itself expert in every segment of business credentials. Salesforce truly deserves to be the best CRM software for small business especially because it is so customizable according to different environments. Moreover, it is one of the few CRM service providers that offer fully operational device independent cloud application to let anybody access the service from anywhere and any device.

  3. Batchbook
  4. This great social media focused CRM platform is sure to put your business on edge. It is cloud based software, so your staffs and teams can access the service from anywhere across any devices and undoubtedly this integrated cloud feature made Batchbook a strong choice for online marketers. The uniqueness of Batchbook lies in organizing your contacts in number of ways so that to locate your potential customers and leads on various social platforms and media and effectively launch your communication strategy.


  5. Infusionsoft
  6. It is a perfect match for small and medium sized businesses that are heavily dependent on sales and marketing team outputs. It offers every single business work flow inputs and outputs in one single online system to make your whole job of tracking and managing the data and communicating extremely easy and reliable. Besides robust lead generation, social media-marketing, email marketing, contact management, marketing automation and relationship management Infusionsoft provides great e-commerce tool to boost online sales.

  7. SugarCRM
  8. There is only a hand counted CRM software for small business and large companies that over the years only outgrown others in business volume and widespread reputation for their business deliverables and Sugar CRM is one of them. From sales force automation to marketing campaigns to business collaborations to customer support to contact management to social media CRM, it is smart, effective and smooth and stands out in the crowd. With an unmatched growth story and having favored by different industry leaders, it is unquestionably a strong choice for any entrepreneur. This software is available also in versions that are supported in mobiles and other handheld computing devices.

  9. Microsoft Dynamics
  10. If you can afford to go for a full fledged enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management software with wide array of state of the tools and functionalities, then there is only a handful to make your choice and Microsoft Dynamics is one of them. This latest Microsoft offering for business processes is preferred by number of industry verticals especially because it can typically made to fit your particular business environment and corresponding requirement. A specially designed version available for small businesses that perfectly takes care of resource management and planning, business opportunity analytics, outgrowing accounting needs, contact management, lead management, campaign, reports and many more.

  11. Leadmaster
  12. As the name suggests it is truly a focused lead management tool that is used by a great array of business clients from different verticals since more than a decade. The extremely user friendly, ready to use SaaS system of Leadmanagement makes you hold your breath with combination of everything you need in a business flow. From tracking and keeping follow up with the leads to a robust sales automation system to contact management to analytics, marketing automation or anything, this sleazy CRM software manages everything smartly and almost effortlessly. It serves small and big businesses across different business denominations ranging from retail, real estate, finance, banking, advertising and many more.

  13. Salesnet
  14. If sales automation features or SAF is considered to be a big determinant in considering the excellence of CRM systems, then Salesnet will enjoy almost uncontested focus because of the robust and feature rich sales automation functionality. It is widely appreciated across biggies of business verticals and small business establishments for the sophisticated logic of workflow focused on task based direction and sales team management to ensure augmented business performance and output. The extensive web services API of the software can further be utilized for introducing it into the existing legacy systems with a tint of customized functions.

  15. Sage Act
  16. There is a handful of CRM software for small business that so quickly rose to prominence and popularity across so many diverse ranges of business verticals and Sage Act is one of them. It is more preferred by real estate companies and financial institutions for its superb contact management platform, a top notch user friendly interface, advanced level integration with instant business messaging systems like Microsoft Outlook and many more. It is now coming powered with a new feature that places its usefulness more than ever, called Sage Business Info Service. The software is available both in pro and premium versions.

  17. Salestrakr5
  18. For small business establishments generating leads and marketing is of central importance to ensure continued business flow and no CRM software does this better than Salestrakr5. It is a very objective kind of solution with focus on leads, sales opportunities and real time marketing feedback. The contact management of the software is also state of the art and it provides a smooth data access across hierarchies to ensure proper sharing of crucial business data as and when needed by the involved professionals. For small and medium sized business ventures with rigorous focus on sales team performance it is unquestionably a great tool.

  19. Nimble

While most of the CRM software for small business is focused mainly on the data, statistics and relative insights to provide business edge, Nimble is a great tool for letting the CRM platform maximum use of social media. Through Nimble it is awesomely simple to gather all your offline and online relationships in one place and manage them as and when necessary for various business and personal communications using the single contact reserve. Through this social media focused CRM software you can send messages, add tasks, edit and download profiles and connect instantly to the profiles in the social media page and accordingly can decide on your communication priority. Social media presence and communication is the heart of business and that is not done better by anyone other than Nimble.

Honorable Mention: Zoho CRM

Though this small budget CRM solution is a good choice among the top 10 CRM software for small business, even the free version of the solution can be strong choice for a small business outlet. It is basically an opportunity tracking tool with strong focus on clients rather than data of the company. It comprehensively synchronizes all your Google services and social media profiles offering a seamless communication platform across different services. You can easily see each and every bit of your client, where they are in the sales cycle, their business size and the respective contact history. Zoho CRM from time to time provide you detailed competition data and helps you to make each business connection more uniquely personal and business productive.