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The Beginner's Guide to Linux

Dedicated website to Linux containing Online Resource, Links to Linux Resources and Tutorials. Here you will find a lot of tutorials and information about the Linux.

  1. What is Linux?
    This section gives you the brief introduction to the Linux.
  2. Introducing Linux OS
    This section gives you the brief introduction to different OS available.
  3. Beginner Guide to Linux Server
    As a beginner you can try Red Hat 9.0 or Mandrake 10 for setting up your server.
  4. Checking the Fedora Core 4 ISOs On Windows
    This section shows you how to test your Fedora Core 4 Donwloaded ISOs
  5. Utility: tar for archieving files
    This section shows you how you can use tar utility to archieve and unarchieve your files.
  6. Installing JDK On Linux
    This section shows you how Install Sun JDK on Linux (Fedora Core 3)
  7. Links To Linux Tutorials
    This section you will find links to may linux tutorials sites.
  8. Linux Tutorials & Training
    This section you will find many linux tutorials & training material.
  9. Linux Books
    This section you will find links url address for many linux books.
  10. Linux Basics
    Learn Linux Basics here.
  11. Installing Fedora Core 6
    In this tutorial you will learn how to install Fedora Core 6 on your system.
  12. PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x
    Learn how to install MySQL support in PHP on Centos 5.x servers.

Solutions to the Linux Problems

  1. gssftp
    530 Must perform authentication before identifying USER. Error while using gssftp

Linux How TOs

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3 Page 4

The following Linux HOWTOs are currently available:

  • WikiText-HOWTO, LDP WikiText Editing HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. Explains how to use the LDP WikiText editing format to create DocBook documents for the LDP.

  • Windows-LAN-Server-HOWTO, Windows LAN server HOW-TO

    Updated: Oct 2004. Intended to assist those who wish to consider Linux as a server within an office environment which has PC's primarily running Microsoft Windows 9x.

  • Windows-Newsreaders-under-Linux-HOWTO, Windows Newsreaders under Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2004. Describes how to set up and use several different Windows Usenet newsreaders under the Linux operating system using the Wine "emulator."

  • Winmodems-and-Linux-HOWTO, Winmodems-and-Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2001. Helps users get a Winmodem working under Linux.

  • Wireless-HOWTO, Wireless HOWTO for Linux Systems

    Updated: Jul 2002. Document explains how to setup Wireless in Linux, compatibility problems, something about geographic requirements and more.

  • Wireless-Link-sys-WPC11, Link-sys WPC11 Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2004. How to set up a Wireless Link-Sys WPC11 card using a Link-SYS Wireless Access Point/DSL/Switch on a Debian system.

  • Wireless-Sync-HOWTO, Wireless Sync HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2002. Explains how to perform a wireless, network sync between a Handspring Visor and jpilot or jpilot-sync.

  • WordPerfect, WordPerfect Mini-howto

    Updated: Aug 1997. Discusses running WordPerfect on Linux, including a brief discussion on the WordPerfect 7.0 beta.

  • WWW-mSQL-HOWTO, A mSQL and perl Web Server HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 1997. How to build a SQL client/server database using WWW and HTML for the user interface.

  • X-Big-Cursor, X11-big-cursor mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. How to use enlarged mouse cursors with the X window system.


    Updated: Jan 2003. How to setup XDMCP ("X Display Manager Control Protocol").

  • XDM-Xterm, XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2002. Describes the basic ideas for using XDM to manage X terminals. It is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion of all the features of XDM, but a gentle introduction to what XDM can to for X terminals.

  • XFree86-HOWTO, The Linux XFree86 HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2001. How to obtain, install, and configure version 4.0 of the XFree86 version of the X Window System (X11R6) for Linux systems.

  • XFree-Local-multi-user-HOWTO, XFree local multi-user HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2004. Explains the shortest way to get a working multiple local X user-capable PC system.

  • XFree86-R200, ATI R200 + XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2003. Describes the procedure of making XFree 4.x run on an ATI R200 (Radeon 8xxx series).

  • XFree86-Second-Mouse, Second Mouse in X mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2001. Quick instructions to enable a second mouse in X.

  • XFree86-Touch-Screen-HOWTO, Linux Touch Screen HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2004. How to set up a touch screen input device under XFree86.

  • XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO, XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2003. How to compose a mode line for your card/monitor combination under XFree86.

  • XFree86-XInside, Linux XFree-to-Xinside mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 1997. How to convert an XFree86 modeline into an XInside/XiGraphics one.

  • Xinerama-HOWTO, Using Xinerama to MultiHead XFree86 v.4.0+

    Updated: Nov 2002. How to configure XFree86 Version 4.0+ with multiple monitors and the Xinerama extentions.


    Updated: Apr 2001. Describes how to use XML-RPC to implement clients and servers in a variety of languages. Provides example code; applies to all operating systems with XML-RPC support.

  • Xterminals, Connecting X Terminals to Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2003. How to connect X Terminals with a Linux host using nfs, xfs, xdm and xdmcp.

  • Xterm-Title, How to change the title of an xterm

    Updated: Oct 1999. How to use escape sequences to dynamically change window and icon titles of an xterm.

  • XWindow-Overview-HOWTO, X Window System Architecture Overview HOWTO

    Updated: May 2001. Provides an overview of the X Window System's architecture.

  • XWindow-User-HOWTO, The X Window User HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2002. Provides basic information (introductory level) on understanding and configuring the X Window System for Linux users.

  • ZIP-Drive, Zip Drive Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2002. Provides a quick reference quide on setting up and using the Iomega ZIP drive with Linux.

  • ZIP-Install, Installing Linux on ZIP disk using ppa ZIP Drive Mini-Howto

    Updated: Jan 1998. This document is only useful for those with the printer port version of a ZIP drive who wish to have either a portable or backup Linux system on a ZIP disk.


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