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Integrating MyFaces , Spring and Hibernate


Learn Configuring Hibernate, Spring and MyFaces (JSF):

Tutorial presented here discusses the steps to configure Hibernate, Spring and MyFaces to use MySQL Database to  build real world User registration and login application. This is a sample user registration and login application where new user can create an account with the system. Existing users can access the website by providing their user name and password.

So, let's start developing Login and Registration application using Hibernate, Spring and MyFaces:

  1. About the Tutorial
    This tutorial explains the integration of Hibernate and Spring Frameworks into JSF (MyFaces) and building a real world web application. Integration of these three makes a solid framework for the development of web application.
  2. Application Architecture
    In this section we will explain you the architecture of the application and the different components that makes up the layers.
  3. Downloading MyFaces and creating web application
    In this section we will learn how to create web application for our login and registration example program. Alternatively you can also download the integrated web application with source code and library files.
  4. Adding Spring and Hibernate Capabilities
    In this section we will add Spring and Hibernate Capabilities to our web application. So for this, we will have to add the spring and hibernate libraries and configuration files to the web application.
  5. Setting up MySql database and creating tables
    In this section we will create database and table into MySQL database. Table created here will be used in sample application.
    Developing Presentation Layer
  6. Developing Login and Registration form and backing beans
    This application starts from user login page. The authenticated user set the user name and password in the appropriate field and is carried to the next page with a message welcoming the user. If the user doesn't set the correct entries then it flashes a message in the same page to indicate that either the user name or password is incorrect.
    Developing Business Layer
  7. Writing Business Objects
    In this section we will develop the objects of business logic tier. Business logic tier referrers to the mid tier of 3-tier web application architecture.

    Integration Tier of the Application
  8. Implementing Integration tier with Hibernate
    In this application we are using Hibernate to implement data access layer. Hibernate is an open source O/R mapping framework that handles all the persistence logic.
    Wiring up everything
  9. Integrating JSF, Spring and Hibernate
    In this section we will explain you the process of Integrating Spring with JSF (Java Server Faces) technology.
  10. Integrating presentation layer
    In this section we will learn about configuring the presentation layer.
  11. Integrating Business Logic/Integration Tier
    In the business logic tier web have created business objects, business services and now we are going to integrate them using Spring framework.
  12. Downloading the full code of this application
    You can download the full code of the application.


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