Top 10 Java People You Should Know

Who founded Java and who are the innovators in applying this language to shape our web and computing experience? Here we go with the answer in choosing top 10 Java people you should know.

When it comes to modern computing and devices we just cannot go any further without referring to web applications and so also without Java, the programming language at their core. As long as web applications will dominate the multiplying and evolving scene of computing there would be Java and the constant complains on security threats concerning Java will not make our attitude towards Java change much since scene security threats is another evolving part of the innovation and change of our web experience. Who founded Java and who are the innovators in applying this language to shape our web and computing experience? Here we go with the answer in choosing top 10 Java people you should know.

  1. James Gosling - Creator of Java
  2. James GoslingHe is unquestionably regarded to be one of the path breaking geniuses in modern computing who invented the programming language called Java. This 1990 batch Carnegie Mellon University doctorate is credited to create the original complier and virtual machine of the language. After his legendary role in inventing and developing Java in Sun Microsystems for close to three decades he left the company shortly after it was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Briefly he joined Google only and left the company to join a startup called Liquid Robotics. Java began with this man and so he is an obvious choice in any discussion on top 10 Java people you should know.

  3. Marc Fleury :- Creator of JBoss
  4. Marc-FleuryJBoss is still referred as the de-facto standard for Java application deployment and so Marc Fleury is a permanent fix in discussion on top Java people. Marc is a Parisian and this French man before coming with his open source Java application server worked with Sun Microsystems in Paris and with many Java projects in the US. His dream research project JBoss became a corporation in 2004 and shortly thereafter he sold it to Red Hat with Fleury becoming vice president and general manager of the division concerning JHobs. Eventually, he left the company in 2007 and started his new open source project OpenRemote to purposely to build home automation systems.

  5. Gavin King :- Hibernate Founder
  6. Gavin-KingThis Australian java programmer is one person who played a key role in incorporating a few crucial developments in solving relational framework of Java. In his own terms to describe he is one of those rare software developers who are paid to develop entirely open source software. His brain child Hibernate, an object relational mapping framework within Java is a key element in shifting Java data classes to database tables and from Java data types to SQL data types.

  7. Rod Johnson :- Spring Founder
  8. Rod JohnsonHe is a gifted computer programmer and influential tech writer who played a massive role in number of respects for the application of Java. His Spring Framework, an open source Java application framework. His creation Spring is highly credited for replacing the complexity of EJB 2.0 and also providing an entire Java EE container. He served at VMware until 2009 and presently is member of the board of directors at

  9. Joshua Bloch :- Creator of Java Collections Framework
  10. Joshua BlochHe is an award winning tech author, tech leader and an innovator in Java platform, in one word to describe a man with many accolades and talents and for his contribution to numerous Java platform features, he is always a formidable name to consider among the top 10 Java people you should know. Among his many creatios of Java platform feature, Collections Framework is considered the best winning several top tech awards on innovation. He is also an award winning author on Java. As for professional capacity he was with Sun Microsystems until 2004 and left it to join Google in 2012 as chief Java architect.

  11. Craig McClanahan :- Creator of Struts
  12. Craig McClanahanHe is another prodigious Java innovator, who is credited for a too important framework for building Java based web applications. He has authored the Apache Struts, a very popular open source framework for developing web applications. With numerous other credits for Java development to his name he is one of the most commonly referred Java stalwarts responsible for burgeoning development in Java based web applications.

  13. Doug Lea :- Developer of Concurrency
  14. Doug LeaHe is the brain behind the concurrent package or concurrent data structures. A professor in Computer Science in University of New York he is credited to add concurrency utilities to Java programming language. His book on Concurrent Programming in Java is one of the first books on the subject and is widely held as a milestone work for the subsequent generations of programmers in the field.

  15. Andy Rubin
  16. Andy RubinA shrewd programmer of many accolades and achievements, Andy Rubin is credited widely for the development of Android, an open source operating platform for smart phones and mobile devices that made Java a too important element for web based applications. In his hands, particular when he was at Android Inc, the platform went through multiple changes incorporating Java programming. He also worked as the Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content Division at Google before quitting the company on March, 2013. He is the owner of four US patents for his innovation amounting to an approximate net worth of $ 100 million.

  17. Bill Joy :- Creator of Javaspaces and JXTA
  18. Bill JoyThis charismatic Berkley graduate co founded Sun Microsystems and was the chief scientist at the company playing a major role in the development of the Java programming language with contribution such as Javaspaces, a service specification for distribution and coordination mechanism and JXTA, a open source peer to peer protocol that helps the devices in any network to exchange and collaborate seamlessly without depending on the network topography.

  19. James Duncan Davidson :- Creator of Tomcant and Ant

James Duncan DavidsonWe just cannot leave this inventor from our list of top 10 Java people you should know simply because of the two most popular Java inventions of our time, Tomcat - a Java based web server and Ant - a XML build tool for describing building process and dependencies. He started his career as a software developer in Sun Microsystems and is widely recognized for his light creation of light web server program Tomcat.

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Top 10 Java People You Should Know

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