Core Java Tutorial for Beginners

Core Java is the basic of Java language and is used to develop application and software's for desktop, tablets and mobile.

Core Java tutorials for beginners help you to learn the language in an easy way giving you simple examples with explanation. Core Java is the basic of Java language. Java is an Object Oriented Programming language that is made open source and is used by programmers to develop application and softwares for desktop, tablets and mobile.

To make work simpler it is divided into two genres one Core java and the other Advanced Java. Core java is basically used to develop Desktop applications. Core java is all the basic classes and APIs that make a platform.

Advanced Java on the other hand is Servlets, JSP, EJB.

Java provides a cross platform environment that can be used to develop applications for different operating systems and mobile phone devices. JVM - Java Virtual Machine and a compiler with set of libraries is required to run java based programs.

Java ME (Micro Edition) is a set of libraries for mobile devices, Java SE (Standard Edition) is a set of library for desktop PCs and Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is Java Se + API.

Java codes are first compiled in text and saved with .java extension, they are then compiled to .java class by compiler then JVM launch the bytecode to run the program.

JVM or Java Virtual Machine executes the java program irrespective of the platform or operating system. JIT (just In Time) compiler is part of JVM. Java source code files are compiled in bytecode. JVM runs this bytecode irrespective of the platform. Every operating system has its own JVM. JVM can be downloaded for free.

Java libraries are set of codes that are provided for programmers to make their work easy. They are pre-defined codes having same reusable functions.

Core Java tutorial section of Rosendia provides you with simple tutorials that can help you learn the language very easily. These step-by-step examples take you slowly from basic level to advanced level, helping you understand every aspect of Core Java. Experts having years of experience in Core Java brings you their vast knowledge in form of Core Java tutorials bundle with online video tutorials and examples. Simple explanations to complex tutorials are given so that it can be easily understood by people.

Most of the websites today needs Java to run, games require java, chat applications require java, so there are many websites, applications, programs and games that needs Java. Hence there is a wide scope of jobs in this field. Programmer can learn a lot in this language.