Convert ZIP To PDF

Lets discuss the conversion of a zipped file into pdf file with the help of an example.

Convert ZIP To PDF


Lets discuss the conversion of a zipped file into pdf file with the help of an example.

Download iText API required for the compilation of this example from the link

First set the class path for jar file by using the following steps:

1.Download the iText jar files.
2.Unzip all  the .jar files.
3.Copy all .jar files into lib directory of jdk. e.g. For jdk1.6.0 we need to copy  C:\jdk1.6.0\lib.
4.Set the classpath by using the following steps.
Right click on " My Computer->Click on Properties->Advanced->Environment variables 

In the Environment variable check whether the classpath is set or not in the variable "classpath". If the path is not set then click on "Edit" button (if variable classpath is already created otherwise create the variable "classpath") and set the full path with the name of iText API .jar files then click on OK and Apply button.

Pass the name of  a zipped  file  through command line argument. Take the zipped file as input by using the FileInputStream. Read this file from  the system, unzip it and then store it into a byte array. Convert this array of byte into the string by using the string class constructor.Generate a pdf file by using the following steps.

1.Create an instance of the Document class. The Document class describes a document's page size, margins, and other important attributes. The Document class act as a container for a document's sections, images, paragraphs, chapters and other contents.
2.Open the document by using ().
3.Pass the string into the paragraph by using the code Paragraph p = new Paragraph (String str).
6.Add this paragraph to the document by using doc.add(p).
Create a pdf file and pass this document in this pdf file by using the code PdfWriter.getInstance (doc, new FileOutputStream ("pdfFile.pdf")) for creating a PDF document writer
5.Close the document by using doc.close ().
Here is the code of the program :

import java.awt.*;
import com.lowagie.text.*;
import com.lowagie.text.pdf.*;
public class  ZipToPDF

public static void main(String arg[])throws Exception
 System.out.println("Hello RoseIndia");
 Document document = new Document(
PageSize.A4, 36, 72, 108, 180);
 ZipInputStream  zip = new ZipInputStream(new 
BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(arg[0])));
   ZipEntry entry;
 while((entry = zip.getNextEntry()) != null)
  byte data[]=new byte[1024];
  int count;
  String text="";
  text=new String(data);
  document.add(new Paragraph(text));

Output of The Example:

Download this example.

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Convert ZIP To PDF

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