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iPhone 3.0 Update Reveals the Long Missing Bluetooth Features

Finally Apple Unlocks the Bluetooth Features on iPhone

Experienced Apple users while praising their Apple products will cringe at typical Apple idiosyncrasies such as the lack of extendable memory on their iPhone or the missing measly floppy drive on the iMac. While the iPhone is simply a great gadget it lacked certain basic features that routinely found on other similar smartphones, like the MMS functionality, SMS forwarding, cut, copy and paste and most annoyingly, the lack of advanced Bluetooth features.

But why enable and not add? Because my dear friend, the Bluetooth features were present all along on your iPhone but were cloaked or hidden by some wise brain at Apple. But with competition going beyond such features, Apple finally thought the Bluetooth features ought to be unlocked. But as usual, Apple is in no mood to dole out any freebies and has kept a $10 price to unlock the features via their iPhone store. None better and more adept than Apple at ensuring steady revenue streams, eh?

And the story doesn?t just end here; the iPod too had these advanced Bluetooth features all along. So many of the ?new? features that you see in the iPhone 3.0 were actually not new after all, but just new revelations on part of Apple. Just the same, it would be most happily welcomed by millions of iPhone users who were hampered by lack of these advanced Bluetooth features.


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