JBoss Tools 3 Alpha has been released

JBoss Tools 3 Alpha has been released (21 Aug 2008)



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JBoss Tools 3 Alpha has been released


JBoss Tools 3 Alpha has been released (21 Aug 2008)

The first Alpha release of JBoss Tools 3 has been made recently with intials supports for portals including JSF and Seam portals. JBoss Tools is an open source middleware software comprising of a set of Eclipse based plugins for the related technologies like Seam, Hibernate/JPA, JSF, EJB3, JBossESB, JBossWS, Portal etc.

All plugins in the new release have been now shifted to Eclipse 3.4/WebTools 3.0 so that it will run only on Ganymede. It will not be supported by Eclipse 3.3.x/WebTools 2.x aka Europa due to the changes made in the Eclipse API.

The new features that have been added to this Release are as follows-

      Graphical Seam pages.xml editor will provide  visual view and editing of page with exception navigation.

          Facility of faster editing is provided in the Visual Page Editor.

          EL (Expression Language) Variable substitution will allow users to specify how a EL variable should be evaluated providing the visualization of the includes and image references in pages that uses the EL.

          Use of relative paths and Eclipse variables by the Project archives will provide more portable .packages files.

          Hibernate can be used as a JPA platform in Eclipse JPA projects.

    Includes Portlet wizard and facet to provide support for JSF/Seam through the Portlet Bridge.

         Includes JBossWS WTP support facilitating  the implementation of JBossWS in WTP web services functionality.

      It provides Eclipse BIRT support for using BIRT charts and reports by adding of a datasource (backed by Hibernate) for Eclipse BIRT and experimental Seam/JSF tags.

The features of the Project Archives of the JBoss Tools 3 Alpha 1 inculdes-

(i)      Common Navigator Views: Implementation of a Common navigator API will now provide more customizable archive view along with easy access to the project Archive Node by making it available in Project Explorer.

(ii)    Variable and relative path support: Archives will now be capable of using eclipse variables to determine destination paths relative the location of .packages files. This brings more flexible and dynamic archive specification featuring sharable .package files. 



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