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Life Cycle of Java Server Faces  
The article ?JSF Life Cycle? explains all the life cycle phases of JSF that is very useful for the developer who want to know when validations, conversions, and events are usually handled during the life cycle of JSF..

JSF most popular web application development framework  
JSF is one of the most popular web application development frameworks..

Creating Custom Components using JSF  
JSF contains its basic set of UI components and provides an easy way of creating custom components of your own according to the need of the application..

First Version of JSF  
First Version of JSF: JSF released its first version on 11 mar 2004, then JSF 1.1 and now it has reached to the version 1.2. There are many releases of 1.1 and 1.2..

JSF Architecture  
JSF Architecture: JSF also uses the MVC pattern. ?JSF Architecture? article at roseindia.net explains the architecture of a JSF application..


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