who is client



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who is client
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tell me who is client is management

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who is client
who is client   tell me who is client is management
Who is Tessy Thomas, the AgniPutri?
Who is Tessy Thomas, the AgniPutri?  Who is Tessy Thomas?   Tessy Thomas is a first Indian woman scientist to head a missile project. She is also known as Agni putri. don't know but may be indigenous radar satellite
Who is Tessy Thomas?
Who is Tessy Thomas?  Who is Tessy Thomas?   Tessy Thomas is a first Indian woman scientist to head a missile project. She is also known as Agni putri. don't know but may be indigenous radar satellite
Client Interview
Client Interview  Hi, I am kumar i am having client round in polaries client is a BANK. how to face client interview. what are the expected questions from CITI
Thin client
Thin client  What is a thin client?   A thin client is a lightweight interface to the application that does not have such operations like query databases, execute complex business rules, or connect to legacy
Rmi client
Rmi client  Sir i just created client and server following the RMI rule, its running properly in the localhost, when i am trying to run the program in the different machine its not working, i changed the ip also, when i copied
Client Server Java app
some servers and so,so that my friend who is in another city can run the client...Client Server Java app  I developed a client server based java networking Instant Messaging app. The client program is needed to be run on the client
Java Client Application
Java Client Application  Java Client Application
Java Client Application example
Java Client Application example  Java Client Application example
Java HTML Client Application
Java HTML Client Application  Java HTML Client Application
java program for me to see who are on my server
java program for me to see who are on my server  Hello, Im a beginner in java, doing some tutorials and stuff. I wanna write a java program to put on my server where i wanna see if like 3 people are on my server PLUS that i want
who know full coding of guessing game in java?
who know full coding of guessing game in java?  There is only 1 player. Use JAVA Random toolkit to generate random number between 1 to 10. Once user has entered in a number, checked whether the number match with the generated
struts client side validation
struts client side validation  how can i code for client side validation
ssl client - JSP-Servlet
ssl client  How do you write SSL Client? Take example of SSL Socket Client
Java FTP Client Example
Java FTP Client Example  How to write Java FTP Client Example code? Thanks   Hi, Here is the example code of simple FTP client in Java which downloads image from server FTP Download file example. Thanks
server client comms
server client comms  i am trying to return frame through server client comms anyone can help me about that i want to return a class to client side but my class defined in server side
What is Java Client Socket?
What is Java Client Socket?  Hi, What is client socket in Java..., The client socket is basic communication interface between networked computers. The socket that make connectivity with socket client and with a socket server
Java FTP Client
Java FTP Client  What all Java FTP Client available to the Java programmers? Is there any Free FTP Client Library? Thanks   Hi, Apache... Client libraries which can be used to connect to the FTP server for: Uploading
run exe on remote client
run exe on remote client  I am making a client server application... file on client pc in my network if i know the username & password. I have copied files fromserver to client using my application but i cant run it on remote
Client side refresh
Client side refresh  What is client side refresh?   The standard HTTP protocols ways of refreshing the page, which is normally supported by all browsers. <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=/servlet/MyServlet
web service client
web service client  i have implement web service client in netbeans and it work will using wsdl but know i want to Develop a webserivce (or a Java RMI server/client) for one of the e-services but i do not know the wsdl link how
Client's Data with Axis2 and Java
Client's Data with Axis2 and Java  Hello everyone, I am studying... client's data? First of all back-end will be build in Java(will try to implement some... worked with Eclipse(duh) there is very nice feature of generating server/client
tcp client server communication
tcp client server communication  i am not been able to find the error...")) break; System.out.println("FROM CLIENT: " + clientSentence...(); outToClient.close(); serverInput.close(); } } client: import java.io.*; import
Who can use Fleet Management?
There always remains a question that who can use fleet management, which are the companies that must go for fleet management. Read along to know to know do your company or organization need a fleet management? But before we go any
Failed Client-Socket Communication
Failed Client-Socket Communication  I hve written a server program & a client program. The server is supposed to echo watever is typed in the client. I hve to get 16 values to be echoed. I hve created a string and all
http Client Authentication
http Client Authentication  hi friends, i am trying a java API using HTTPCLient post method. in which i am getting output having some... { System.out.println("\n Place Collection URL = "+ placeurl); HttpClient client = new
Client-Server Architecture
Client-Server Architecture       Client-server architecture can be considered...; and a client machine where server has some resources that can be shared by different
detection of the operating system on the client machine
detection of the operating system on the client machine  How to detect the operating system on the client machine
does anybody could tell me who's the author - Struts
does anybody could tell me who's the author  does anyone would tell me who's the author of Struts2 tutorial(http://www.roseindia.net/struts/struts2) I'd like to translate this tutorial into Chinese , to make more and more
it is a linux program is there anyone who can help me out with it?
it is a linux program is there anyone who can help me out with it?  Write a Bash script that prompts the user for a user-ID and displays the corresponding user√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs login name, owner√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs name, and his/her home directory
Axis2 client - Axis2 Client example
Axis2 client - Axis2 Client example     Apache Axis2 Client code In this section we will develop client code example... we will write the Web service client code and call the web service.  
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