servlet to applet communication



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pravat kumar dash
servlet to applet communication
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good morning sir. how to read one text field from servlet and display that value in applet? thanks

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August 1, 2012 at 10:44 AM

We are providing you the code that will display the message sent from the servlet to applet.

1)Here is the code of ''

import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;

public class ServletExample extends HttpServlet{
public void service(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException , IOException{

ObjectOutputStream output = null;
output = new ObjectOutputStream(response.getOutputStream());
String str = new String("Hello World");
System.out.println("Message is===== " + str);
catch( Exception e){
e. printStackTrace();

2)Now call the servlet with the ''

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class AppletCallingServlet extends Applet{
URL url = null;
URLConnection servletConnection = null;
public void init()
url = new URL("http://localhost:8080/examples/ServletExample";;);
servletConnection = url.openConnection();
catch(Exception e){
public void paint(Graphics g)
ObjectInputStream input = new ObjectInputStream(servletConnection.getInputStream());
g.drawString("Applet Servlet Communication",50,50);
String str = new String();
str = (String)input.readObject();
g.drawString(" Message sent from server: " + str,50,100);

catch( Exception e)

3)Call this applet with the html file.

<h1>Java Applet Demo</h1>
<applet code=AppletCallingServlet.class width=500 height=500>


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