Regular expression in c++{MFC}
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I want to build a regular expression in c++{MFC} which validates the URL.

The regular expression must satisfy following conditions.

Valid URL:-

Invalid URL:- 1>\MyWebSite/\ISAPIWEBSITE/\Denypage.aspx/ = Regx must check &

invalid URL as '\' character between "/\MyWebSite/\ISAPIWEBSITE/\Denypage.aspx/"

2> = Regx must check

& invalidate URL due to multiple entries of "///////" in url.

3> = Regex must check & invalidate URL for

additional insertion of %5C & %2F character.

How can we develop a generic Regular Expression satisfying above condition. Please, Help us by providing a regular expression that will handle above scenario's in


Thnaks & Regards, Amit & Pravin


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